Alliance Tournament XVI - Thunderdome Access

(IGC Alliance Tournament) #1

The Thunderdome server will be soon available again for Alliance Tournament practice. If your team wishes to gain access to Thunderdome, please have one of your team captains send a mail to the in game character ‘IGC Tournament’ with the following information:

  1. A list of character IDs (preferred) or character names for characters you would like to have access to the server.
  2. A list of character IDs (preferred) or character names for characters you wish to have access to the tournament tools (maximum 10).

You will be notified by return eve mail once your access request has been granted and you are able to log on.

Please only request members of your Alliance that are actually required in training for the tournament. We will not be granting entire Alliances access to Thunderdome and have the right to determine and deny what is an unreasonable amount of accounts to request access for.

Teams should note that passwords are being pulled from Tranquillity, so if your current password does not work you should try an older one. Thunderdome is for direct training purposes only, and any Alliance or members causing grief or havoc on the server to the arenas or other Teams will be banned from the server and practising.

While we try to ensure that Thunderdome is available for practice at all times, Thunderdome may be unavailable at certain times, please check back to this thread for updates and to report any issues. If you have any issues you can also mail in-game (on Tranquillity) the character ‘IGC Tournament’.

Handy links -
An introduction to Thunderdome
Thunderdome Tool Guide

Please be aware that Thunderdome is no longer run directly by the community team and is a collaboration between several devs from different departments who are putting in time outside of their normal duties to help get it running this year. As such the turnaround for requests such as adding characters to the access request list & resolving technical issues will be slower than when it was ran by CCP Logibro. It is also the reason that the server is set up differently this year - to allow for more stability with less intervention. We hope you can appreciate this situation and work with us to improve it for the future.

Arenas / The Tournament tool

There are limited arenas this year each with their own individual tournament in the tool. This will allow for greater stability of the server. This may mean that during peak times that all systems are full. You should not be able to start a match if one is already in progress, so if you wish to practice the advice is to keep trying to find an empty one until you do. It is advisable to consider this when arranging the time of your practice session if you want to use the tool.

Please note that Tournament Practice Units can be spawned on Thunderdome and you are welcome to use any system to practice in so there should be room to find a suitable system without the tool to practice.

The tournament tool may be a bit fragile/unresponsive on the first use of the day. The recommendation is to wait a few minutes and re-log which should resolve the issue.

Code of conduct

Please abide by the following rules when using Thunderdome this year:

  • Loitering in a tournament tool system is unacceptable at all times. You must be in one of the fleets moved by the tournament tool to one of the official practice systems or leave the system immediately on entering (for example if you logged on after disconnecting from the internet for a period of time).

  • The official tournament tool practice systems are as follows H-M1BY, KFIE-Z, LGL-SD, Farit, YUY-LM, Roua, AZ-UWB, A-3ES3.

  • Spying on other teams outside of these systems is also unacceptable. Due to the setup of Thunderdome this year it is expected that team captains attempt to resolve issues of random characters appearing in their practice systems with some patience and understanding. If, after polite warning (i.e. the time it takes to leave a system after having read local) a character is refusing to leave a system clearly being used by an alliance for practice then please report them to the character ‘IGC Alliance Tournament’ using evemail on Tranquility stating the time, date, system and character in question. We request you reserve this option as a last resort.

  • Any characters deemed intentionally spying will be removed from Thunderdome and their captains warned. Further transgressions of this rule will result in a team being removed from Thunderdome and, if necessary, the tournament.

AT XVI live feeder coverage?
(CCP Fozzie) #2

(IGC Alliance Tournament) #3

As a temporary measure before Thunderdome access is granted, we can issue two Tournament Practice Units on Singularity per weekend to each team captain or co-captain. If you wish to receive one of these please mail this character on Tranquillity and you will receive a contract (on singularity) as soon as possible. Please note these should only be used for Tournament practice, and any abuse of this privilege will result in it being removed.

(IGC Alliance Tournament) #5

Singularity has been mirrored and we have some more Tournament Practice Units to issue (4 at a time). Please have your captain eve-mail the character ‘IGC Alliance Tournament’ on Tranquillity and we will aim to contract you within 48 hours (on Singularity).

(Devlin Shardo) #6

Is there an ETA for TD access…
Do i have to rebuild arena before the weekend or will we get TD before Saturday ?

(IGC Alliance Tournament) #7

News on Thunderdome will be published here as soon as it is available.

We are still issuing Tournament Practice Units on SISI - four per week per team - please mail the IGC character as per instructions above.

Please do not use these practice units anywhere that could interfere with regular SISI testing. This includes ‘move me systems’ and any system used for mass testing.

If you have any questions, please drop this character a mail.


(Kei Hazard) #8


First I’d like to thank you for all your hard work. I understand AT means lots of additional work for you guys, and this just serves a small proportion of the community.

However I would also like to point out that June 30th, 10 days from now, we will have to submit the Flagship of our team.

Without the Thunderdome, it is really hard for lower end participants like us to rapidly test (and test against) different types of Flagship and combo. It might be fine for high end teams with lots of participants, or massive skill points. For lower end team it is a disaster.

Really hope that we can have Thunderdome up by this weekend, and we shall at least have 2 good days for some nice practice.

Thank you again.
Kei Hazard.

(Intigo) #9

Kei makes a great point. It’s pretty crazy that TD is still not up.

(Xoorauch Destroyer) #10

So, Thunderdome access is still unofficial or non-existent.

Today, during ‘prime’ practice time, the normal TEST open practice time, Sisi was just a mess.

Local chat doesn’t work. Fleet chat is nowhere to be found. Members are struggling to join practice corps. General lag all around.

This is getting pretty bad now.

(Chamomile Tea) #11

Thunderdome is finally up :slight_smile:

(Xoorauch Destroyer) #12

Some people are able to access it, yes. Some of our members on access list have issue still though… The tournament tools still seem unavailable, and they’re using TQ characters. Normally TD gets wiped and you make fresh chars, so the fact that no official statement has come tells me they might still.

Basically, it’s really unclear what’s happening.

(Chamomile Tea) #13

Yeah, after testing TD out it seems that it doesn’t work.

We don’t have access to the Tournament Tool, the server hasn’t been wiped, chats don’t work, you can’t edit MOTDS, and some people can’t even connect to the server. Truth be told, while I’m not surprised, this needs to be fixed soon so we can practice with an arena.

CCP/EVE_NT, we need to hear back on what’s happening with TD.

(Achura Deteis) #14

not ccp’s/nt’s fault you decide to go messing around on a server thats not publicly announced to be ready yet.

Sisi does exist.


(Intigo) #15

Chat is currently broken on Sisi (and TD), FYI.

(sharpscg) #16

Having issues with thunderdome at the moment. The initial character selection backdrop never disappears. See the attached picture, I am in space and you can see station icons etc but the loading screen image is still there. Anyone having similar problems or know how to fix this? This error occurs on all setting profiles, even on a non-modified default one.

(Mythrell) #17

I have the exact same issue Sharpscg, it works fine for my corp mate though.

(Randal Bongsmoker) #18

I do not remember my password for Thunderdome, and the “Forgotten Password?” link is broken.

Is there another way i can recover my account?

(Chamomile Tea) #19

now you can’t even log into sisi or td

its fun cancelling scrimmages because you cant access the test servers :^)

(Lucas Quaan) #20

With TD access being a bit flaky, would it be ok to extend the flagship deadline? It is somewhat difficult to get realistic testing done without a proper supply of modules. Having just faction mods on SiSi is not really sufficient for some situations.

(IGC Alliance Tournament) #21

Thunderdome is now open for use and teams that submitted Thunderdome access requests before 20/06/2018 should now be able to log in. If you submitted your list after this date, CCP aims to add lists to the access database regularly and we will post here when the next batch is added. Captains by default should have access to the ‘insider’ referee tool (plus those people they have nominated to have it) - if you have not used it before there is a link to a guide in the top post of this thread. Commands such as spawning items such as practice units, ships & modules should be working as previously.

Note: It uses your tranquillity password at the time the server database was cloned, so you will need to try an older password if the current one doesn’t work.

There are no plans to extend the deadline for submitting Flagships at this time.

Please eve-mail feedback on the current setup of Thunderdome to this character who will collate it for the developers working to restore Thunderdome for your use.