Thunderdome while the tournament season is not active

First of all, we miss you CCP Logibro.

  • Since no one is reading CCP Logibro’s email. I’ll start the topic here.

This is what CCP Logibro wrote me on 11/08/2017

We are considering options to allow teams to continue to practice on Thunderdome while the tournament season is not active. We’ll let you know when we’ve made a decision on the matter.
­CCP Logibro

mail sent to CCP Logibro on 25/02/2018 which I had no answers

I was wondering if you had something in mind for thunderdome.

If Alliance Tournament would be well manage, it would be a good start, but it is not.

  • Alliance tournament is like a underground event.
  • Why? Cause CCP don’t wants you to recruit players like an hockey league.
  • So they announced the more lately possible
  • What does it do ? It make thing even worst because big teams already know all this.

Alliance tournament registration should be always OPEN.

  • When an AT registration close, the next AT registration should open.
  • Team captains should get access to a web based access manager.

Web based management UI & ticket for Thunderdome’s team captain

  • This would solve everything, if support does not take a whole week to answer.

Can we get real support for thunderdome ?

  • Tournament begins in 2 weeks and some teams does not even have access properly grant.
  • Real support, this mean, we should not be waiting a whole week for half an answer.

Team have to paid at least 5000 PLEX to get in, which is around 150$ US.

  • Free to play account got better support for characters stuck then participated teams.
  • EDIT : but it seems thunderdome is an optional tool, my bad.



Totally agree. However I have to point out currently maintaining the thunderdome (and running the tournament itself) does not provide any significant benefit for CCP in terms of profit.

Shall I just borrow your post and illustrate how we can learn from Dota 2 the International, and benefit all the 3 parties: CCP, Tournament participants, and Normal Player:

The AT has lots of similarity to TI:

  1. They are both yearly hold with long schedule
  2. Only the top players (I guess) in terms of PVP in arena is invited
  3. They are both very rewarding.

However we shall keep in mind that:

  1. Dota 2 is a 5 on 5 only game, while EVE is an MMORPG. Player do more than PVP in EVE.
  2. You lose nothing when losing a Dota 2 match, while you lose your ship (maybe flagship) in AT.

CCP can also sell “Battle pass”, similar to Dota 2, with a price around 50 PLEX. 10 of the PLEX will go to the Prize pool (benefiting the AT participants), and 40 goes to CCP.
By purchasing this “Battle pass”, whenever the player destroy another ship, he will get some token depending on the destroyed value of the ship, and the total number of attacker. These token can be used to exchange AT specific Skins (CCP likes making new skins, right). These skins are only available during this year’s AT, and shall be different from what AT participants get.
Challenges like “Use [X] different ships to kill” or “kill [X] amount of ships within the AT period” can be made, and shall reward some more token (or other rewards)
Also, there is a possibility to introduce the betting system. Players can only use the tokens to bet on the teams.
Make token tradable on the market, and non-PVP player can also participate in.

By adding this feature, CCP will generate more revenue with AT; Participants of AT will have more PLEX as reward; Non-participants will earn some skin, having fun at betting and earning some isk from NON-PVP player who is interested in watching the matches and betting.

A functional thunderdome during the tournament preparation time would be a start. What’s the point in having access all year if the login screen picture doesn’t go away, chat isn’t working, show info in characters (even yourself) isn’t working, …
We wanted to practice there yesterday but then both teams moved back to Sisi where chat also wasn’t working but at least we were able to fit ships and the latest patch has been applied.


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