Alliance Tournament XVII - An Update!

2019 is a year where there are a lot of interesting plans afoot. We’re not quite ready to talk about many of them just yet, but we’ll be getting to do so before long.

This year is the first year since 2010 that Reykjavik hasn’t been inundated with an army of capsuleers for EVE Fanfest – instead we’ve decided to take things on the road with what’s no doubt going to be a truly epic World Tour.

For 2019, we’ve also decided to take an Alliance Tournament hiatus while we look at how we can better support competitive PvP and capsuleer tournaments in the future – both those hosted by CCP and those by the community.

Just like EVE Fanfest, the Alliance Tournament will return. These two events are a huge part of the heritage of EVE Online, and they’ve been a core part of our calendar for more than a decade. That said, it’s good to take a breather and reassess how we can support such endeavours on a bigger and better scale going forwards.

For 2019 though, we want to make sure we’re fully focused on improving quality of life in New Eden, working on balance concerns that have been highlighted by the community and delivering awesome new content for capsuleers across the cluster to enjoy.

On top of this, we also want to make sure that we bring New Eden closer to you guys. That means bringing it to as many corners of the world as we possibly can with the EVE Invasion World Tour.

Fear not – for those of you with competitive spirits, there’s going to be ample opportunity for you to get involved in tournament style play at World Tour events, and there’s going to be some sick prizes up for grabs for those who rise to be the victors.

We’ll have more about that later, but for now it’s all about transparency.

We want to make our community aware of plans for 2019, given that we know there’s a dedicated subset of our pilots who take the tournament incredibly seriously, booking time off work to focus on the practice and theory crafting that occurs well in advance of the spectacle itself.

We’re pretty sure there’s going to be a discussion around this announcement, so we’ve set up this thread for comments and feedback!

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Translation: We sacked the community team to sell our souls to Pearl Abyss and this is the result.

E: Also we couldn’t be arsed to care about the rules anymore so this was easier.


When CODE. won the alliance tournament, good times, good times.

Edit: Guardians of the gala feedback thread 725 posts, alliance tournament thread 222 posts…


The AT has been one of the big draws for me to keep playing EVE in the last couple of years - it’s honestly like nothing else in the game, and I really enjoyed the time I spent on practices, theorycrafting, and just generally being part of the team. I’d also been looking forward to this year’s attempt.

Not gonna lie, this news is just plain diappointing.


Here’s to hoping the AT is replaced by a more than once a year rolling eSports seasonal cash grab. Not that that is better in any way than what we had - but it is what I expect to be coming at some point.



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Great news. Maybe this means you’ll be focusing on fixing the NPE and event sites so they aren’t 100% pointless.

Who am I kidding.


Will CODE. still be banned from the AT while literal cheaters are allowed to participate?


Can you give us any guarantees, like a date for example, that the alliance tournament will be back? Not like you lack the time to plan it out now


I expected next-to-nothing and I’m still disappointed.


Same here bud :frowning:

What have things come to that I agree with a Goonswarm member.

But then again, a hiatus is probably the best thing for the AT. Since CCP refused to adopt the Amarr Championships tournament style, the last AT was boring and not worth watching.

Good one. Talk about transparency but hide important dev blogs from view in the launcher because Advertisement for cash grabs is more important than user information. Even your jokes were better in the past, Falcon.


Motivation to log in is nearly zero now… messed up event, no AT. Thanks I’ll stick to other games for a while


lmao sad!

o/ Eve, was fun while it lasted. Really the most disappointing thing you could have done CCP.


Make content in the game more vibrant, as of the last couple of years, its been crawling along. Fix the game put the AT on hold. I’m fine with that. Half of the people involved in the AT are afk the rest of the year anyway. Better to make eve interesting for them to log in regardless of an AT or not. I agree with ccp on this. Fix this game.


Ran out of options for reward ships,?
(Aside from Angel Cartel, which would have begged the question about where the promised Angel caps were)


Seems like a bad call to me. AT is content, any reduction in content hurts the game/community quite badly, let alone the impact on the longevity of the game. Simplified, less intensive format, would be a far greater solution, kind like last … hrmmm


its really cool to see what CCP makes some are always complaining … really funny … this guys have to have a really good life … pppffffffff



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Should have changed the ruleset to reflect modern PVP, only allow titans, supers and FAX to take part. Throw a couple Keepstars on the field too, why not?