Alliance Tournament XVII - An Update!

@CCP_Falcon When can we expect to hear some of your plans for 2019? At one of the small Fanfests?


unsubed 15 accounts, not gonna bother krabing If I can’t get fun with the isks


What’s the point in even playing this game @CCP_Falcon.
You’re just managing to make this worse and worse.


This is not good. CCP you can do better.


i cant believe i agree with intigo…


This is the most disappointing news from you so far this year, CCP…
The most interesting event of the year is now just swept under a rug, soon to be forgotten.

I dont know what’s left in this game that is actually entertaining.
Keep demolishing the community and its spirit :+1:



1v1 keepstar fight till the death hell yeah!

We would have entertainment for weeks!


LOL CCP, what are you even doing these days? It sincerely feels like you’re actively trying to kill the game.


Thanks for the advance note. It’s good to come out with it now instead of when the tournament season is about to begin. That said, the Alliance Tournament is an important reason that I play this game and the suspension of it is further indicative of the shift CCP has taken in enabling and fostering PVP, particularly at a small scale, in this game. Therefore I’ll letting my 50 accounts lapse as well as turning off my third party site that folks have been using for in-game notification forwarding and the like. No reason to support this game if y’all aren’t going to support aspects of PVP that made this game truly fun.




What a freaking moronic move CCP.
I guess we should have learned to not expect better from you by now…


So CCP. In your infinite wisdom after all these years with bad press. All these times you could have garned good press but instead chose to make create bad press.

You decided well lets go for the trifecta? 2017 was full of bad press, 2018 was full of bad press, so lets go kick off 2019 with bad press as well.

How can you in your right mind cancel the AT on these idiotic reasons. When your AT pilots might be the most invested players in this game. Not to mention they contain a fair chunk of the content creators in this game.

Like CCP why are you doing this? What is the official reasoning behind this?
Are you so inclined to run this game into the ground? Then please just publicly state it because this is just blueballs at this point.


Falcon… why is this happening? Not any vague promises on balance, just tell us why. We’ve been burned by ya’ll promising balance for years. It just doesn’t cut it anymore the EVE playerbase jsut sees vague promises of ‘balance’ as a cop out. If the AT was losing you too much money just say it. If ya’ll couldn’t come up with rules just say it. All this vague ■■■■■■■■ you’re posting is just eroding what little trust people have left. Personally I just resubbed my accounts to prepare for the AT. Hearing that it won’t happen is devastating. At least gives us a better reason than a vague promise of balance. Otherwise myself and probably many others are not gonna resub when they drop.


I am sorry to see that CCP has found yet another way to let down the community. The top tier AT teams are willing to put in hundreds of hours getting ready for this and CCP can’t put in a couple days worth of dev overtime ?

Here is a 100% honest question to CCP… How much plex is it going to take to bring back the AT ? Maybe we can just pay for it…


That’s a real shame. I appreciate the warning so I didn’t spend the next several months training solely for the AT, but my skill queue has been dedicated to AT “minmax”-style skill points for a very long time already… and I doubt I will be going to any CCP world tour event given my location and career. A weekend event I could compete in remotely is the biggest draw for a lot of us in Eve, and now we have so much less to look forward to, and less reason to stay subscribed…


They should have gone back to how the alliance tourney was in the first few seasons, they were a lot more fun to watch, rahter then this retartded bracket system etc that they have had now.

We’d honestly like to look at how we support grassroots tournament initiatives that come from the community a lot more - there’s quite a few of them out there that have proven to be very successful.

Whether that’s through game mechanics or just support for practice and hosting is entirely up in the air right now, but we totally understand that there’s a thirst out there for organized PvP.

I’ve been with the Alliance Tournament as a player, volunteer and dev for more than a decade now. In fact, I think I might be the only CCPer still around who’s been with the tournament that long, so I’m also kinda sad that it’s not going to happen this year, but we factored a lot of reasons into taking a break.

Both viewership and participation have fallen subsantially in the last few years, so it made sense to have a hiatus and look at what we can do to come back fresh.

We’re looking at ways that we can ramp it back up again, whether that be through hosting ourselves or assisting with a third party tournament, or whether it would mean having a totally different set of mechanics.

Lots to consider, we just need to take time to look at the options for what we can do :slight_smile:


Whats your stance on CCP currently moving their WHOLE competitive scene into offline events, either forcing your playerbase to either happen to live nearby OR to be able to cover their travelling expenses JUST to be able to play their game with the playstyle some of them have had for 15 YEARS?


We’re only in february, have faith that they will come with far worse news then this later this year


I’m sure there’s a grand plan of some kind in play, can you let us know or at least give us some hints as to what you’re working toward? Working on quality of life is all when and good when fewer people are actually logging in to play the game. This is the most stagnant I’ve seen Eve in a long time and this doesn’t give me much hope for it improving.

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