Announcement video disappointment

What a massive disappointment this was. I’m actually angry that I let myself believe you guys would do anything right. What a huge ■■■■■■■ joke


This is what happens when you hire corporate suits for a videogame company.

We love the AT stuff, but when you over-hype a release video like this, it leads to massive disappointment. AT is what we EXPECT already. It is standard. Its something that should take place every year without a need for announcement.

But, now that the video is being ratio’d due to disappointment, all those corporate suits are going to say “we listen to the players, and they didnt care about AT!”


CCPLEASE give the ISDs more power to ban the trolls who just crap on everything.


This is exactly it. They came out telling people “oh you’re going to want to see this!” Like it’s something special then announce content that has been in the damn game forever that shouldn’t have been discontinued to begin with …

You’re giving us nothing CCP! You cut this content from the game a while back and now being it back like it’s something new and exciting. It amazes me how they thought this was worth a huge reveal. I won’t get excited for ■■■■ else this company pushes.


I can’t believe I waited for that announcement. I was expecting something big and exciting. Honestly, this was a let down. Next time just release it as news or have a group of talking heads to discuss how it will go down and show us epic footage from the last few tournies.


AT was an every year thing… , now ccp brings it back wouao .keep phrasing ccp!!!


I stopped expecting CCP to do anything that got me fired up over a decade ago. If you haven’t learned your lesson by now, it sounds like a YOU problem, not a CCP problem.


Not even going to argue. I actually feel pretty damn stupid for expecting anything worthwhile from this company. Won’t happen again though.


The AT coming back is cool and all that, but it’s not what people really want to hear about right now. We want to know what is going on with the state of the game, scarcity, etc. Wake up CCP ffs.


at is noice


I see this as a tiny step in the right direction.
Discontinuing the AT is merely a small sample out of the ocean of bad decissions - will we see CCP walk back on even more bad decissions or is this a pathetic attempt to distract us from the dumpster fire that is scarcity?


it could have been so many things couldnt it, end of scarcity (or at least a light at the end of the tunnel), game fixes, FW fix, hell any damn fix, but no… AT is back, the same AT they cancelled becuase they couldnt be arsed, how disconnected are CCP from their game, putting out a mysterious announcement and get everyone thinking oh wow something good is coming just to get that… i dont have the words, well i do but they contain lots of swearing so ill go do that on Reddit instead of here.

Did you think that would placate everyone CCP? did you think it would all be better after that announcement, when you have been giving the stick for so long the Carrot needs to be a nice fresh, good Carrot, this was a browned, rotting Carrot that splattered all over the place… pathetic



An Announcemt for the return of the AT. Well… Okay.

Everyone is waiting for CCP Rattati and CCP Psych to unpack the next annoying thing for the cluster, for the next revelations about the next steps in the industry changes chain, the ship meta changes, the next PVE nerf bat, maybe them finally fixing the Rorqual and Orca and return mining to a more sane level, maybe talking more about how scarcity is going. Or the much hyped keys for the Reserve Banks. These are all things that people want to know about in these trying times…

but instead we get an Scottish dude rambling on about the reinstatement of the AT. This feels like bread and circuses approach from ancient roman times to superficially pacify the rioting crowd… Instead of disappointing everyone but one tryhard person, CCP should have announced something like this to give people direction again and then, later, when they fixed more of their issues, they should have announced the return of the AT as a crowning piece to their efforts to keep the game running; as a reward for the people sticking with them despite their screw ups. All these potentially good feels about the AT go up in smoke because of CCP’s inability to get the timing and sequence of things right … AGAIN.

If people like you wouldn’t play EVE, the rest of us would have much less to complain about because CCP would not screw up so much. So show yourself out of here and stop screwing up my game. :slight_smile:


Time for an Eve vacation to enjoy the summer.

See you in the winter, if game is still alive then.


Yes, it could have been so many things … many of them bad. I seriously don’t understand how anyone would assume that this announcement was sure to be some epic, joy-inducing, transformative event. My thought process was more like: Oh, a big announcement. Good chance it’ll be something I hate. Good chance it’ll be a nothingburger. Tiny chance it’ll be something I’m really happy about. Let’s wait and see what it is.

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I didn’t know what to expect so I expected nothing.

Return of the AT is nice. Even though I never participated or followed it yet I’m glad it’s back. And the video was nicely done.

Problem with the announcement was that many people were hoping for many things to happen and they could not all be satisfied with a single announcement no matter what. Add the hype from a delayed announcement and some people will inevitably get disappointed.


C’mon Gerard, you know a lot of these people would whine no matter what? Just like they do in every other thread.

I hope Blue Melon comes back and wins more at ships, and then steals them.

Not gonna lie, was disappointed you needed to waste my time with an announcement video for something you could have announced in a dev blog, can you save videos for actual important stuff so we know when you actually pay attention to you instead of just ignoring everything because most of its spam


Was expecting a glowing carrot ship, but instead, we got an alliance tournament. Ok CCP just jog on fella’s, jog on.

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