Jin'taan Video: How Could CCP Regain The Community's Trust in 2020?

What are your guys’ thoughts on Jin’taan’s video?

One thing that I very much agree with comes up at 6 minutes in the video. CCP’s reliance on game changes that take little to no actual development effort. Rather than actually putting the time and effort to make a substantial change to the game, CCP has just been tweaking numbers in databases. Tiny change that take almost no time so they can continue to sit on their thumbs and fill time by saying they’re watching the numbers change around.

Also, CCP should just finally come out and say that the AT is dead. All this beating around the bushes and maybe-maybes is nothing more than a pathetic highschool-level of teasing to keep stringing the players along on something they already know will never come back.



When did they ever have it? Giving out T2 BPOs to groups who parade as if they earned what the have.
Informing said groups about pending changes regarding valuable resource locations weeks in advance.
Selling out to the P2W guru of P2W schemes…

Again… when did CCP have the trust of the players? Since 2009 this is a laughable statement.

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Good to know that you’re the type of person who holds decades long grudges and refuses to believe people can change or improve.

Nothing has changed. LOL!


Makes for grim listening really when you hear in a 17 minute video just how the game has been treated by CCP over the course of the last year. I personally don’t care about the AT but the game is just a monetization train now. I am sick to death of 15000 skins (ok, slight exaggeration) being released every week and large parts of the game remain sub standard.

Wow, that first minute is pretty harsh. When you put everything CCP spewed out in the past year together like that… if they hadn’t lost my trust 5 years ago it certainly wouldn’t have survived that minute.


  • Completely agree on the need to put ALL changes in patch notes. This “whoops we forgot to mention it” laziness is sheer unprofessionalism and disregard for their paying customers.

  • Absolutely agree, and have mentioned before, that CCP has been trying to patch glaring problems in the game by inserting NPCs to create a certain effect. I feel this is both because they really have no understanding of player motivations and psychology, so they would rather have “programmed” behaviour rather than trying to shape player behaviour, and because they see the player base has fallen so low that they need more lively NPCs to simulate activity in the game. Some of the NPCs are okay actually, but this still represents a failure to stick to EVE’s core design principle. Empower players, not NPCs.

  • Agree with Scoots that CCP has declined to the point where minor tweaks in database settings and feature values constitute “updates and releases”. So much of the changes of the past 3 years have been little more than value tweaks which would be briefly noted in the patch notes of any other game I play. Jin’taan says the small tweaks are valuable and encouraging, and in the long run could amount to the equivalent of “a full re-write”. I am much less hopeful for the result. On the other hand, making small changes that don’t have too undesirable an effect is better than coming out with big changes that blow up in their face, I guess.

  • More post-mortem on ‘Chaos/Talos’ changes would probably be an improvement, but I’m also pretty sure that more detail on the results of these changes would simply lead to even more arguing in the community as to “what works and what doesn’t”. Certainly, they should give a brief summary after significant experiments to show it wasn’t a waste of time. That said, it’s more important that CCP design actually useful experiments to try on the player base, and do something useful with those results (in a game features sense), than that they communicate better on the aftermath.

For myself, far too much of CCP’s activity for the past 3 years has been the focus on “sell the company, then put out fairly minimal effort to get people to log in and do stuff so we hit the performance goals for more money.” There have been some good points, for sure: I think Emerging Conduits and to a certain extent Abyssals were worthwhile. There have been some tentative moves towards better NPE and a less stagnant game. Overall though I feel they’re running about 2 major fails for every positive step.

Personally the only way CCP is going to restore trust is to stop taking a “minimal effort for maximum sales” approach to the game. It’s way too obvious they’re just milking it for cash and are too tired and lost in their own corporate befuddlement to care about the quality of what they’re pushing out the door.


Another great vid…

That list at the beginning for 2019 was pretty disheartening to say the least…

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What can I build or write, against the fall of the night?

You do not have to hold decades long grudges with CCP. You can throw away one grudge and replace it with another conveniently every few months or every year. CCP is so nice and screws something new up every so often, and there is no profound sign of improvement. It is because of naive yessayers like you that this keeps on going.


You’re free to stop supporting CCP at anytime. :slight_smile:

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I’d much rather see CCP start supporting those who have stood beside them for better and worse, many for over a decade.

Surely even a fanboy like you Scoots can see how badly CCP has performed in recent years.


Aside from the T2 BPO scandal do you have proof of everything else?

It’s so much the opposite. They finally tried stuff, and risked to lose paying customers, just to learn better how to make EVE future-proof.

I am sick of people seeing “bad monetization of EVE” everywhere, especially when actions have ZERO positive effect of short-term monetization.

and my reply was:

Pretty obvious to anyone with a bit of grey matter in their skulls!


lol, I see draclvad has taken another opportunity to beclown himself. Shame he cannot do so without sh*tting up other people’s threads.


Let me look at what I said:

I was just pointing out that you had no right to call me a carebear, that is all.

I used the total kill numbers to make a point that you were wrong to throw the word carebear around, you went off on it not me. Seriously mate you have issues!

You obviously are a one page wonder in terms of analyst skills.

I have not said I am better than you, but you seem to thnk that you are better than me, All my killboard proves is that I am not an easy kill, there is more if you took the time but dumb people are normally too dumb to do that.

Why would I do that, it is not hard for someone with any ability to work out who my alts are, and to tell me I don’t know what I am doing when my very low loss rate indicates otherwise is wonderful. Please keep posting mate, you have had me in stitches.

Mate I am merely competent at this game and hard to kill, that is it.

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Interesting to see everyone’s perspectives here! Quite the different tenor to INN/Reddit.

Also, it’s funny to see how incredibly easy it seems to be to troll the average EVE-O Forum goer off topic by just mentioning CODE, you guys should really consider therapy or something.


Well all I did was make a joke about a CODE players joke suggestion that James 315 should be lead developer and it ends up like this.

Hmmm, perhaps they were not joking?

Well I better leave this to them then before I die laughing.


Look how fast this kid backtracks when you call him out on his bullcrap. After all that hurfing and blurfing, he backtracks a mile over to “well all I did was make a joke about CODE!”. The Flash would be impressed at the speed of that backtrack.

Next time, don’t talk unless you know what you’re talking about, kid. And no, just because your feelings are hurt doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about.


You are trying too hard to make a point that I am totally not bothered about, and furthermore in my opinion saying you are better than me proves that you are the man child when I just define myself as competent and difficult to get a kill on. Being the mature gentleman that I am I rather liked the Domi solo roams you went on, just as I liked Aaaarrggs style of play and that he is good at it. Unlike you I have no concerns at looking for what I admire in other players play. And you call me a kid, which is highly amusing too.

I told you that I used total number of kills to suggest that you were wrong to throw the word carebear at me which caused you to have hurt feelings to go off on a stupid rant about Zkill.

My alliances campaign board was not Zkill, it was their own metrics. Furthermore you seem to think telling me about the points system on Zkill which I am very aware of, means something in terms of telling people that I do not know what I am talking about, my word man that is just dumb. I said we had a campaign board, to then think that this was Zkill points system showed a level of ignorance that was beyond silly.

My reply to Jin is really the gist of this, the CODE player made a joke or so I thought, I made a joke back and off they went on their normal attack vector and I pulled their leg a bit. You obviously were a bit butthurt that it was your thread and blamed me 100%, of course I am partially to blame for the hijacking of your thread, but that is the way CODE likes to play.

Anyway you have made me laugh a lot, keep posting.

PS . I might as well answer your questions:

The Abyss, the iterations on that, the invasions and the more meaningful damage put out by rats is a meaningful change to make the lore matter more in the game, and they are major changes, that is a lot more than tweaking the databases. To be able to undock and warp to an anomaly in hisec like I can in nullsec was a major and much appreciated change and added greatly to casual players in hisec.

The different level of conduits are really fun, I have done minor but regretfully have been unable to find or develop enough people in my TZ to do the majors and the mothership part of the invasions. These are fun and I have watched a lot of videos of players running this excellent content. The way those pylons affect the battle around the mothership are excellent.

I agree with you that they should be definite on AT, I found AT fun to watch at times, but as a player that find my own content I am not so bothered about it as perhaps you are, but overall it’s loss is a reduction in the game overall. Though CCP might not be able to run them to the same degree at this point so it might be a lack of resources that prevent them from continuing. Jin did a great job in trying to pick up some slack there.