? Do You Trust CCP ( Yes/No )? How do you Feel about EVE Customer Service in 2021?

This is a Very Basic… Yes or NO POLL…

And a BRIEF : How do you feel about Customer Service in EVE this year 2021?

Please, No complaints about game mechanics or changes you did not agree with.
(That is Not what this is about. )

This is about the history of CCP management… and how You feel about it today.??

Again : This is NOT about game changes or mechanics etc… this is about… how you feel about CCP Support and Management : As of Today.

As an older player of 14 years … The game today looks great… I’ve been back for about a month and things are better than ever. So i’m ready to buy about 1000 USD in PLEX ( 2 max plex packs ). For older players this was a regular thing.

But there is the Shadow of doubt… So I ask this question. And I would appreciate your Very Brief Response… Please no huge stories or details of incidents…

Just a Yes or No… and perhaps how long you have played.

I thank You in advance.

== Amendment ================

People Please!!! This thread is NOT For Bitching/Complaining about changes in the game or any part of the game. This is about how you feel about CCP Customer Service / GMs / ISDs ?

How do you feel about Customer Service here - in comparison to other game makers.

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Have you ever visited this forum before?

It Ain’t gonna happen. I already see two people typing up their usual 500+ word posts.

But to answer your question: No. 15 years.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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You’re right… I don’t use the forums… it’s a place for endless bickering which is why I attempted to suppress it.
But I thank you for your answer…


It’s a business, their bottom line is hard currency, and by virtue of that I can’t say I trust CCP, and they haven’t given me a reason to trust them, even if the opportunity hasn’t presented itself, so…

Forum support poll?

  • No
  • Maybe

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OMG … Brutal…
Thanks for your reply

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6 Years.


I don’t like some of the things they’ve been doing with monetization (i.e. plex ads targeted at newbros, selling SP directly to players), but they’re not exactly EA levels of evil either.

I think they make good and bad decisions when it comes to game design, but that overall, they’re doing a good job. I know the bittervets would say otherwise, but that is a whole another can of worms. What I will say is that you shouldn’t put much stock in what bittervets say. Some gamers are exceptionally prone to focusing on the negative. That’s why we have the literally unplayable meme.

Coold… Thaks… didn’t know about the poll thing…
Is it possible to add … or would I have to create a new post?

Also… What would your answer be?

Actually I’m on the other side of the fence with selling SP…
When I first started in 2008… I was looking at months to do what I wanted…
And I have no problem with CCP Making a profit

I mean… from the new player point of view… do You want to wait YEARs to fly Black OPS?
If they want to pay… Let them…



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You’re welcome.
And it’s not “brutal”, it’s frank, honest and to the point, since you asked not to write a novel in here.

Well… I meant the response time… … it was an instant BOOM : NO

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The NO was easy from the point at which you asked about a business. I don’t trust any business because “when money talks, bullsh- walks”.

15 years played. Yes I trust CCP to stay in business long enough for you to redeem the value of two plex packs.

On quite a few other dev issues, No I am not so trusting.

Allow me to be more specific… how do you feel about Game Support?

Not sure what you mean. Do you mean the Support department that processes help tickets? They’ve been pretty decent overall, although sometimes slow because when a lot of issues pop up they get swamped.

If you mean “are they supporting EVE well enough to justify 2 Plex packs”? Well my personal view is No. I believe they’re in coasting/tweaking/fiddling mode and no longer committed to doing what’s needed to make the game successful (and haven’t been since about 2011).

If you mean, “are they committed to keeping EVE running for 5-8 more years minimum, in some form or other pretty close to what it is now, with occasional shakeups while they try random changes to see what works”? Then Yes I think this is exactly what’s going to happen.

(Keep in mind that CCP and EVE are now owned by Pearl Abyss, a Korean gaming company which is a little more dedicated and on the ball than CCP itself is. IMO.)

Well… the servers and infrastructure have to be funded somehow.

Well… I can only speculate on the effects of the Pearl Abyss acquisition. According to what I can google that’s when things really took a dive in 2019. But, we can’t believe much of what’s online. With so much money at stake in the online game market… articles written are easily biased or straight up lies.

Even in this thread… how many posters will actually be CCP alts… =)

Oh… there are a few. And I’m pretty sure one of the “people” you are conversing with in this thread is a chat-bot.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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They are funded, aren’t they? The game is up and running and players are paying their rent. Nothing wrong with that, work/service should be rewarded and they are.
I’m more coming from the general idea of business and the underlying motivations. I don’t think CCP created EVE for the players’ beautiful eyes and they’re certainly not keeping it running for the joy of it. Profit is main motivator of any business and there’s always a choice the business has to make, constantly: Profit or the Customer.
We know how that turns out.