? Do You Trust CCP ( Yes/No )? How do you Feel about EVE Customer Service in 2021?

Sadly No - 14 years

Op is fishing like hell.

Ya… I’m OP… Nerf Me…


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8 Years.

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I gonna use the new meme I learned the other day.

Forum npcs are everywhere, run to the hills.

Inb4 lock. Go outside guys, forum is not therapy.

I trust CCP to be Chaotic Neutral. 17 years.


NO - 10 years playing

Most play styles I did squashed because someone cried about losing a ship.

I wanted to build a capital ship without having to multibox. That idea is practically dead…

No, no more than any business.
That being said, I don’t think I have to trust them.
They sell a hobby I enjoy, not my sense of self or such.

You mean for you it was a regular thing, right? Nuplex, oldplex, and timecodes or just since granular plex packs?


I’m not sure I’d trust a corporation when my trust in people has been broken on a number of occasions, however, I am sure they are doing their chaotic hopeless best in keeping the game running.

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Plot twist:

Epeen is actually…A CCP CHATBOT!!!



no - 36 years of playing…


I’ve been playing on this char for a year and i have almost everything up to marauders maxed now in Amarr Ships and lasers and also black ops. I personally wouldn’t have time for this game if i couldn’t inject my way to what i want. There’s no way im waiting years for niches and stuff I’ll barely use. That’d be regression rather than progression :laughing:

I wish i could afford to drop £1000 all at once on this game haha.

Oh and Yes i trust them.

Damn this game is old :sweat_smile:

Having a little trouble making up your mind, Destiny? LOL

At the end of the day this is a business, period! I trust that CCP will do what they think is best from a monetary standpoint, while trying to maintain that magical balance of player happiness! - which will never happen because you cant please everyone!

Yet, with all its ups and downs, love it or hate it, there is NOTHING like Eve! I hope it survives for many years to come!

Started playing 2006 and will be here til they shut the servers down!


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The no was for Xuxe.

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I should’ve looked a little closer.