Idiot Player Please Ignore

So I’ve talked about it, calmed down, and thought about it, and believe that I’ve finally found an appropriate way to handle the matter. I’ve decided to reupload the video, set it to unlisted, and to provide a new introduction. However, it will include the entirety of the unedited original video.

First, in spite of the accusations on the forums, neither CCP nor the CSM censored the video. It was only on Youtube, and I decided to take it down. I was not threatened or bribed.
As for the video, it was an emotional response caused by my concern over the direction of Eve. After I had posted it, I realized that it was made in anger, based entirely off of suspicions, negatively impacting community morale, not the type of content that I want to make as a creator, and illustrative of a personal failing. And so I took it down.

That being said, I don’t think it’s fair to not warn new and existing players of exploitative monetization methods. However, that’s where things start getting complicated, because I only suspect them of doing shady ■■■■. I do not actually know. So, that’s why I have decided to handle it the way I did. The video will stay up, unlisted. And this is my final decision. Unless I see irrefutable evidence of CCP implementing exploitative monetization methods, this is where I leave it.

Of course, I can’t say that this is the correct path to take, but at least I can say that I arrived at my decision through careful deliberation this time. Moreover, I believe that this solution is that is fair to my fans, my detractors, and the community as a whole, and consistent with the type of content creator that I want to be. I am not trying to be a negative Youtuber who drums up outrage for views. I want to make fun and informative content. I want to share with people the things that I like, and for them to like it too. I wish that I could get more views doing it, but I’m not going to corrupt my channel in order to do so.

I may be wrong, and you may disagree with my decision, but hopefully you can agree with my motives. And if not, I do not care. Because I’m not trying to please the people who just want to see the world burn. I’m too busy trying to be the best possible version of myself.

Reupload - Corrupting Eve for Cash with new Introduction

Also, I am done with this thread. Fortunately, it looks like it’s dying.


Thank you. Very well summarized.


Yeah, very nice video and well explained


Great video. Very much how I see it. But the key to any business survival is simple honesty (with heart) to it’s customers, not duplicity and deception to take their money.


Since I am already paying subscription(s) it grinds my gears seeing that greed has no limits.


Welcome to EVE! though :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah the game provider should be better than that, but apparently not, they play the metagame just as much as any player. :thinking:

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Thanks for making this video. I hope people from CCP will see it too and think twice before taking rushed decisions.

They keep talking of long term vision and “EVE Forever”, yet if they chase short term profits they’ll give up on that.

It’s easy to say it’s all about supply vs demand and player manipulation regarding pilot service items price, but hey, as one of the rich people in EVE I can say we’ve been around for years, the manipulations did not start few months ago, but the graphs certainly change fast…

This video is good as your previous one.

These kind of issues were well discused in another thread also. I mentioned there about some aspects of a game, which can ruin practically any good game.

Current changes to the Events is just only a predictable consequence.

The Fallout 76, you have been mentioned, is the worst game and the disappointment of the year of 2018. It’s such a garbage, broken, boring, dim and bugged game. That attempt to implement the Fortnite platform constructions into Fallout was such a trashy idea. I don’t believe that Bethesda reputation can be repaired, after Fallout 76 and ES:Online.

These modern “Frankenstein games”, which implemented the alien mechanics from other games, including this Casino dupe, filled the market. Moreover, the old iconic games are also transformed into these new monstrosities. It’s not about EVE only.

Blizzard is doing the same thing. They messed with Hearthstone firstly by implementing 3 to 4 expansions per year and by changing the prices for packs for NA players (including Amazon discounts) and none NA users (based on exchange rate difference). So, a none NA player should pay from two to three times more per each pack (5 cards in a pack) compared to NA player. This turned away a lot of players. Mainly streamers and E-Sport members are participating actively in that none NA Meta. Then they messed with Diablo series - they made that mobile game only. I heard that some shenanigans have been implemented in WoW like a month ago. It’s not CATA WoW anymore, it’s much worse, something similar to BDA, something alien to WoW.

I have some assuptions, that the last events weren’t designed and coded by CCP DEVs even. I have some assumptions, that the outside code was imported to EVE like a plugin, like an addon…

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What the majority of you fail to realise is a simple thing

CCP Games is a business, regardless of it being a “game” company, it still has staff to pay, expenses, bills every month for basic things like food, water, heat, electric.

The player base does not “own” CCP games nor are they required to “listen” to anything you have to say on this matter. As per normal a small innocent gesture by CCP Games is being blown out of proportion simply because a TINY amount of people “don’t like it”.

The forums are where maybe 400 people, always the same people, come here and complain non stop - The rest of the game, plays the GAME. They don’t care about PLEX or Micro Transactions.

Just go and play Eve Online mate, It’s a game, if you don’t like it, go follow the sheep who follow “Ninja” around and go play Apex Legends.

Simples really.


When this game no longer remains true to its nature as a hardcore sci-simulation, and becomes another terrible casual Pay for Convenience, Farmville in space, with no long term goal, people will get bored en masse and go play more engaging modern games.

All the supporting veteran player structure that built and gave the universe sand castles for everyone to play in, will be long gone.

And then the game will simply tank.


I will have to disagree with you, Eve online has been “dieing” for 15 years and still keeps a steady player base.

No one is forcing you to buy anything from CCP except the subscription. It’s that simple. You are complaining just to complain.

Don’t want to buy PLEX? Don’t
Don’t want to buy skins? Don’t
Don’t want to do Micro transactions? Don’t

It’s that simple

The game is about space, fun, everything, you choose to get on the forums and spend hours here, then don’t complain when you get dragged into stupid arguments.

99% of the player base just don’t care, none of this will ever make “eve tank”

The player base is to loyal, as for “other games” lol wut? There is not ONE single, decent scifi game like Eve Online.


link source please to this 99% number or did you just pull that from your ass.

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I am not going to get into a silly “ego” contest with you.

Every day I come and take a look around these forums and it’s always the same people whining and complaining about everything. We get it, you don’t like it.

Also being very rude is just one of getting me to not bother speaking with you at all.

Eve has a 15k+ loyal player base who will not “run off” because they don’t like something.

Not just that, the new foundation concepts behind opiate economics and gambling implementations are cause for concern. In many ways.

A colleague of mine recently sat through a governance briefing by the IAGR, where - as he mentions - it was mentioned that the organisation is looking for consumer input for the purposes of identifying trends and technology implementation paths. Why not get in touch and submit a dossier there?


how is asking for your source an ego test?

i wasn’t rude, i asked for your source material to your figure of 99%
there isn’t any, you made it up.

i think you’ll find it’s a little higher than that, i also think you’ll find that they would indeed quit and run off if they don’t like something.

everything in EVE is built by the players, you get a critical number leaving and it’s a nose dive after that.

and please, chill out, if you can’t handle replies on the forums then maybe you should not make posts.


don’t be rude mate. people don’t run off simply because they don’t like something, its called loyalty

please don’t try to manipulate the conversation either

Apologies for dropping in on that conversation, but that was funny :slight_smile: Pot & kettle :slight_smile:


Not that you’re the guy who ran off after a whining rant on youtube ?

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Sorry mate, no idea what your talking about :slight_smile:

Playerbase numbers are by far not what they used to before micro-transactions, alphas, and injectors came about.

They’ve actually been in a steady decline ever since, feel free to verify and quote me on that.

True, no one is forcing me, and fact of the matter is, I no longer play Eve, because it’s simply become an increasingly cheapened farrming simulator in space over time. I’m not going to play something I don’t enjoy.

Everyone can get space-rich by the flip of a CC, and aquiring isk ingame can be aquired as a solo farmer much more easily and casually than ever before, feeding into the increase of asocial behaviour, and drop of meaningful interactions between players (as in sometimes even less than the mere “gf” in local …)

Nullsec is an afk bot farming wasteland (CCP endorsed ?). The last large territory conflict dating back 2+ years ago now. In the older days, territory turnover and large scale conflicts would be at least once every 4 - 6 months, back when people didn’t have so much isk around and could lose all their asset defenses much more easily, or without the ability to churn out near endless Machiarel or Carrier fleets …

Lowsec and FW space is pretty much the same by now, warzones are now entirely corrupted by alpha bot farms with nothing left for real players to put effort and to fight over.
It is also filling up with all the highsec people that used to find their pvp match in hisec before the wardec changes and creates this awful and generic / casual “Carrier Drop” Friday night pvp. A lot of these peeps are also nullsec spacerich alts, just here to farm the game out, pile up 1000s of ships that they’ll never use, and join in the casual friday space fun…

Highsec is well on its way to becoming a 100% safezone with time in order to please the casual cashflow of short-term “come and go” players.

WH space remains the only relatively “hardcore” scifi simulation in the lot as its core mechanics have remained fairly unchanged, but even that has had a steady decline in interest and numbers, and because of CCP or PA’s pointers in to steering away from such gameplay in general. It wont be long until some more safety restrictions will be imposed on WHers, due to a tiny ammount of people screaming loud enough that they want to farm their blue loot casually, at a greater access and convenience, and in peace.

There is not ONE single, decent scifi game like Eve Online.

It’s true there isn’t, and having been around since 2007 myself, I cant say I’m not properly disappointed at CCP for having invested so much money and effort into such side project failures like Dust and that vampire mmo. They should have just focused their time and money on fixing Eve instead, and not put themselves in the situation they’re in now, having to bail out for their bad investment returns, and selling it out to PA.

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