Dev blog: Black Desert Online makers Pearl Abyss to acquire CCP!


(CCP Falcon) #1

Today, we’ve announced in this press release that Pearl Abyss, the makers of the hit MMO Black Desert Online are to acquire CCP Games as a wholly owned independent subsidiary.

Check out the message to the EVE Community in this devblog from Hilmar, that goes into a little more detail and gives information on what’s happening here at CCP!

Read all about it here!

We’ll also have an AMA right here on the official forums tomorrow at 16:30 UTC to answer all your questions :slight_smile:

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(Scipio Artelius) #2

Nice. All the best for the transition and on going opportunities for you all.

(Desert Ice78) #3

Turns off lights
Close and locks door
Walks away

(Mai Hantaka) #4

Hmmm, keeping an eye on the clothing store…

(eXeler0n) #5

Why sell a company that is alive on it’s own? Never do that.

It seems, that CCP has financial problems and the investors like to get there money back asap.
Maybe just caused by the VR experiment and Eve Online is profitable.
Maybe investors need money.

Maybe Eve is no cashcow anymore?

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #6

Sounds like It could open up a lot of future projects for EVE, since essentially the two biggest MMO’s are coming together. I like the Idea that CCP will not be beholden to rules, and still be free to do what you all need to do. I look forward to many more years with CCP/EVE

(Uriel the Flame) #7

Everyone prepare your tinfoil hats! :alien: :popcorn:

(Nana Skalski) #8

This is some weird stuff.

Novator didnt want CCP anymore? Its a hot potato now? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Annexe) #9

Walking On Planets update?

(britishfish) #10

hmmmm will be watching this closely.

(Serenity Fireslayer) #11

um Blackdesert online is known for hugely P2W cashshop and gambling lockboxes…

(zluq zabaa) #13

Will this have any direct implications for rules in EVE? What about people currently working at CCP? Are the jobs safe?

(kekl0rd420) #14

Eve was generous with the events lately. Hope it stays that way and allows F2P players to enjoy this beautiful game.

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #15

CCP will still be wholly owned independent subsidary. Reading the article, sounds like no job loss and still same studios in Iceland, london, and shanghai. Still make their own rules.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #16

what new devs?
it’s a independant aquisition, meaning that appart if CCP decide to hire/remove ppl, nothing will change

(Rivr Luzade) #17

In other words: You get WOP for 10,000 PLEX per month. And the player created skins are now also coming, for 10,000 PLEX per ship type skin.

But at least it is not EA. What a low bar we have these days to be satisfied.

(kekl0rd420) #18

Cool stuff then. I don’t really know the whole technical stuff, I just skimmed through article too.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #19

the only change is that CCP will probably have to answer financially, so they will add more “paying” option

but I’m confident in CCP to never cross the pay to win limit.

We’ll probably get more customization (paying ofc) but nothing game breaking.

(Lexx Devi) #20

Will this actualy affect EvE?

I can se how Perl Abyss will have use of the economic from eve to all other games.
But then again havent Isk always felth like Inflassion & Rupees?

(JC Mieyli) #21

ummmm i doubt that part