October 12th: Today is the Big Day!

Today is the day the deal selling CCP to Pearl Abyss goes through:

Now that we have had some time for the shock to subside, how are people feeling about the change of ownership?

Personally, short of CCP buying the old investors out themselves, this was the best outcome they could hope for. We’ll see how the future goes, but I think not much is going to change, at least anytime soon.

Anyone have contrasting thoughts?


Having been employed by software companies that were acquired, 6 times, one hostile while the company was in bankruptcy, I can tell you no good ever comes of this.


Hoping for a big sweeping round of layoffs making room for smart ideas and fixing everything that has been broken in my 9 years. #1 AFK cloaking #2 Wardecs with limits and purpose #3 Making sov cost actually cost something equal to the benefits.

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I have seen ads for Black Desert on EVE reddit. Dont know how did they got there.

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From tidbits of (limited) info and then applying logic based on absolutely nothing I came to the following conclusion:

  • Pearl Abyss wants the Chinese server, it’s in their neck of the woods and players from China are completely fine with p2w and the whole stuff that comes with it

  • the Chinese server is horribly outdated, it’s lagging WAY behind TQ in terms of updates to a point where it’s simply not servicable

  • only buying Serenity doesn’t ensure long term viability because if CCP decides, for whatever reason, to stop doing updates for it it goes back to the shitter again. This would be a bad investment and would in turn make Chinese players not invest too much into the game

  • the only way to ensure that Serenity gets the long term attention and updates it needs, is to buy the whole of CCP so Pearl Abyss now controls it.

Tl;DR CCP was bought for the chinese market where they can endulge themselves is massive p2w and whatever else they enjoy, they bought CCP (and thus TQ) because they had to, good chance they’ll leave us be and let us go on with how “us western players” view p2w.

Then again, I might be wrong and in a few months we can buy the new cat race characters that start with 100 mil SP.

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Just remember all the posts here are assumptions! Lets just wait and see shall we!

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You mean there is not going to be a patch tomorrow?

Really! You posted that!

Actually I hope some things do change as many players often ask for content.

I beg to differ.

You don’t buy a bucket full of holes with no intention of fixing it.

I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot of the devs looking for new work in the near future. It’s them that are responsible for the state the game is in, after all. Shortly followed by monetization of almost every activity in the game. Then we’ll see WIS coming within the next year.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Let’s see, player produced content is free, in fact players pay to do it.

Developer product content (aka Merry Go Round) costs developer time.

This is a tough choice, HMMMM…

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Meh, with everything it must evolve (we hope), into something to give us more, if it takes the form of micro transactions it doesn’t matter because either you are getting something out of eve or not.

Removed some off topic posts. Keep it on topic and civil, thanks.


You know that ads on Reddit are based on your cookies right?

I’m hoping alot of CCP employees get replaced it’s their lazyness and incompetence that’s destroying the game for 5-6 years now .

well give it a few weeks but no good ever comes from a sell off

been a fun 14 +years

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I wondered why my avatar developed cleavage overnight…and he’s a er, …he. That darn PA habit of pandering.

Even if Pearl Abyss has changes planned it will be months before anything significant would change.
I would not be surprised if an early addition is Korean localisation.
There’s been a lot of focus on the ‘p2w’ aspect of BDO which has people worried about EVE’s future in regard micro-transactions. I’m taking a ‘wait and see’ approach while trying out BDO (once I get the controls mapped as I want) to see how PVP oriented it is at higher levels.

Robin Jung, welcome to New Eden.

Assuming the actual “server” will move to South Korea…

  • I’m about 3,200 miles from Iceland.

  • I’m about 6,800 miles from S. Korea.

My server tick sucks already…will it get worse?

*All distances are, “as the crow flies”.