AMA - CCP Acquisiton by Pearl Abyss! Starts at 16:30 UTC!


(CCP Falcon) #1

Hey guys,

Yesterday we announced that in the coming months, CCP is to be acquired by Pearl Abyss, makers of Black Desert Online.

This thread is for the AMA that we mentioned in the blog from Hilmar yesterday.

We know that you guys have a lot of questions, so here’s a few resources to get you started, and we’ll kick off answering questions at 16:30 UTC.

Some of your questions might have already been answered, so check these links out:

Unlike other threads on these fourms, the ISD Team will not be involved in moderation of this thread, CCP will take care of it directly.

A couple of things to bear in mind:

  • Please remember the forum rules when posting.
  • We’re aware there are a lot of concerns from players; let’s keep this civil.
  • We’ll answer absolutely everything we can; we’re happy to share all the information we have at this stage.
  • This thread is for AMA questions only.
  • For general discussion of the announcement, please keep to this thread.
  • Any general discussion will be moved there.

Please feel free to start posting your questions now, and we’ll dive in from 16:30 UTC and start answering!

Dev blog: Black Desert Online makers Pearl Abyss to acquire CCP!
The like and get likes thread II
Dev blog: Black Desert Online makers Pearl Abyss to acquire CCP!
Dev blog: Black Desert Online makers Pearl Abyss to acquire CCP!
(eXeler0n) #4

Will there ever be items that can only be bought with money, that gives a player any advantage?
Like Pay2Win.

(eXeler0n) #5

How much money was earned by CCP 2017 and how large was the profit?

(Brewlar Kuvakei) #6

Will eve be adopting PA Eula in regards to accounts, rmt, scamming, multiboxing ect. Ect?

Will tranquility remain London based or could the server find itself in S.E soon?

Will we need to create PA accounts or will or CCP accounts transfer over?

Will CCP offer refunds for any unfulfilled subscritpions a.k.a plex if requested? I accepted ccp contractual agreements not PA’s, I may want a refund if Eula changes.

Has a voluntary redundancy been offered for CCP staff, if so what has been the up take?

Will Plex be transferable to other PA services and vice versa?

(eXeler0n) #7

Were there others interested investors? Did you believe Pearl Abyss was the best choice?

(eXeler0n) #8
  • Will CCP outsource the marketing like Pearly Abyss did?
  • Any plans to strengthen the customer support again?

(Nana Skalski) #9

Will you consult every change in game with PA now? Or maybe PA already gave you a list of changes to implement? :thinking:

(Heera-o Helugo) #10

How does Pear plan on monetizing EVE in the future?

How will CCP adapt to being owned by a company that appears to disregard its player base’s feedback?

(General Stargazer) #11

Hey there,

Congratulations firstly.

I’m interested in finding out if you’re able to share what this Acquistion is likely to mean to existing projects that have discontinued development (such as Eve: Valkyrie/Spark) and unreleased but under development projects, such as Nova and “the unnamed other” project?
Will we likely see anything pertaining to their future soon as well?

Secondly, is this likely to effect the developing story in the Eve Universe in anyway?

Lastly, will this effect CCP’s support for community events and meets (like the global fanfest initiative)?

(Achura Deteis) #12

WIll this acquisition change the relationship CCP has with +10 gaming? Also, can you promise that Alliance Tournament ships will NOT be re-released as anything else than prizes for competition?

(Low Tier Poster) #13

I think the question everyone wants to get answered is:

Will PA force their marketing behavior into EvE Online? Will there be further microtransactions?
Everyone who took a slight look at BDO knows what I am talking about.

(Heera-o Helugo) #14

The first thing majority of companies do after a take over is “clean house,” can we expect another round of CCP layoffs?

Is the takeover agreement between CCP and Pear Public? Can we See it? Is there a redacted version we can look at?

How will this affect existing NDA’s? NDAs were signed with CCP games and CCP is now an effectively different legal entity then the one that NDA’s were signed with.

(Cypherous) #15

What guarantees can CCP offer in regards to keeping the game from degenerating in to a microtransaction fuelled cash grab, more specifically how much say does CCP actually get to prevent things like “premium” ammo/ships the re-release of limited edition ships and to avoid things like direct ISK for cash or lootbox type systems from being added to the game

(Lesican) #16

PA made many promises when it released BDO to the NA/EU market. It broke them all and added a bunch of features that it said had no place in our market. How can we trust anything that they say?

(Zachri) #17

@CCP_Falcon and @CCP_Guard

  1. Can you provide answers without a marketing focus, as in have you been given leeway to do so, or is this a core messaging excercise?

  2. Can you get Robin to explain to us what an “emergent dynamic” is? Just as a litmus test, or is he not available :slight_smile: You know, from him as entrepreneur to another - now functionally retired - Fortune 50 CEO.

  3. There is no question three, as questions 1 and 2 are the most straight arrows for checks & balances on everything and anything else said.

(Mordecai Fauntleroy Caine) #18

Since when did you decide to sell CCP?
And why to Pearl Abyss?
Has “Into the Abyss” etc. anything to do with the sale?

Thank you.

(CCP Falcon) #20

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(Zander Exvirus) #21
  1. Has into the abyss been a way for EVE to become easier to monetize?

  2. Does pearl abyss plan to significantly change the game?

  3. Has CCP been struggling with financial issues therefor sold the company?


(Aareya) #22

What aspects of the merger are you personally excited about?

(Rivr Luzade) #23

Why was this done in the first place? Your marketing sprech does not offer any clues and CCP was supposedly an independent, very profitable company. Any of Hilmars marketing justifications hold no water against these realities. so, why was this done?