Can Eve Online be taken back / bought back from [Pearl Abyss]?

Can Eve Online be taken back / bought back from [Pearl Abyss]?

Eve Online belongs in its homeland of IceLandic ownership of its a western designed game and philosophy behind it.

A lot of Pearl Abyss’s games are dog ■■■■ and have that weird east asian feel to them and crappy game design.

I foresee a worsening future for Eve Online… of the increase of online legalized gambling and microtransactions and annoying ADHD menus…


Boys, if any of you see this post right here: We will have our Day in the Sun again! You must believe me and hear my words. I swear this to you as long as I live! With Eve, or without Eve, even if a replacement is needed.

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Anything can be bought/sold…do you have the apx half bil for it?

Any how, moving on…

Sure. Come up with around $600 mil. and make PA an offer.

Edited my oops (million not billion). Doh!



I did not know, that EVE is worth that much.:grin::grin::grin:

On topic: Make a Kickstarter for it and buy it back.


PA paid around $500 million for CCP so, I added a little extra sweetener in order to get the Koreans attention. My guess is that it would take around $600 mil. or so in order to get negotiations started.

Start saving your pennies now, OP.

To what end would you “buy” EVE back?

Pearl Abyss acquired CCP for $425 million total which is a combination of a $225 million upfront payment and up to $200 million in a deferred performance-based payout.

The original Eve page with the performance bonus payment info is no longer available. I don’t remember the specifics, think it was either maintain current numbers or increase numbers by a certain % within a couple of years to get the bonus pay.

If they fail to complete the performance bonus requirements they still make the $225 mill upfront payment.

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This might actually be a good option. Even if it doesn’t end up raising enough to buy CCP, it might raise enough money to seed a community made EvE clone. See Darkfall.

Let’s do it.

It’s really funny because when i and a small number of other people said the moment the transaction was going public that it will have great influence on how the game will be and look in a year(i mentioned lootboxes and other stuff) i was called a troll and that “ccp will keep it’s creative freedom and nothing will change,Pearl Abyss just bought the knowledge of CCP and CCP will stay independent”…and i should stop trolling not knowing what i was talking about…if you want you can read all that in the older posts…

And now?

What is left of that “guaranteed” creative freedom those people are so desperately defending against me?

I was right,they were wrong,gambling is real and i BET we will have lootboxes in half a year(but i know guys,i’m a troll despite beeing right so many times before you have no other choice than to react like that).

All of your outrages will not help an inch…you will be laughed at by Pearl Abyss who just want to see money and don’t care about your puny “tradition or feelings”.

But i know…I am the problem here because I saw and comunicated what would come months before you and that is creepy so I am a troll,i HAVE to be one…


Technically speaking we’ve got “lootboxes” long before PA acquired CCP…

I mean didn’t you notice all those holiday “random faction ammo box”, “random filament box” and so on and so on? Heck even outside of holiday login campaigns - project discovery gives you essentially a lootbox every level.

But yeah, let’s blame PA for this. It’s deffo easier this way.

Theoretically yes.

Right after the news of CCP being acquired by PA was announced,

CCP posted an AMA thread

Both CCP Falcon and CCP Guard were in charge of answering questions and both had great praise for the acquisition. They stated CCP would retain all control on Eve’s development with no changes to their current policy, that they foresaw a great future for Eve and both of them planned to stay working at CCP for a long time.

Within 1 year of that AMA, both of them are no longer employed at CCP. Now that’s ironic.


The paid cheating elements added to the game were getting worse well before the buyout.

well…it IS pearl abyss…

Sweetalking and denying their influence in this is naive at best…you can say it,even believe it,but still you would be wrong with it…

To be honest in here - I did not notice any changes so far that would not follow trends from before PA buying CCP.

And knowing PA I’d say if they get to interfere it will only be at the point where eve cease to meet expectations in revenue.

so you really would say something like hypernet would be possible in 2005?


Beside the fact that it would have been taken by the community and stucked up CCP’s arse CCp wouldn’t even thought about that…

It’s no “slight change already running before the sell”…ideas like this came to the surface in masses after it…

And you really see no asian influence here? wow that’s odd…

Duro doesn’t speak technical, logical or rational. Emotional and nonsensical are fine though.

I agree CCP hasn’t done a thing since the PA acquisition that they haven’t telegraphed well in advance. They’ve been scrambling to figure out how their game works and monetize it further since about 2009. They’ve yet to figure out anything very useful.

Buying CCP back from PA would be an exercise in stupidity, unless it was purchased by another gaming company who had a decent clue how to program and market a PvP-inspired sandbox. (I can’t think of any, TBH… most gaming companies seem to attract and hire the bottom of the barrel in talent.)

If anything, I’m disappointed that PA failed to provide better direction and controls at CCP and continued to let them flounder around aimlessly.


Maybe that was PA’s intention from the very start, hoping that CCP would mess up so that they (PA) wouldn’t have to pay the $200 mill deferred performance bonus.

Basically if CCP fails to complete the requirements for the bonus, PA gets to take over control of CCP and Eve for only $225 mill

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The main reason why such idea didn’t surface in 2005 is that during that period:
A) Raffles were not popular enough to warrant attention
B) those handfull that did happen were run by playerbase community without a need for ingame tool warranting it.

Bonus Points - if such idea did surface in 2005 it wouldn’t meet any of modern backlash it faces - because term “lootbox” was not coined in 2005 just yet, so there wouldn’t be any idiots confusing glorified shiny raffle system for such.

So only “backlash” they would be getting would be:
A) “why waste precious dev time for dedicated raffle system?”
B) whining about bugs in the system once it drops.
C) complaints about prices of items

(see incarna release for how it would look like - assuming they would do something as silly in pricing as the famous monocle - 2005 CCP probably would do such a silly thing tho)

and now bonus points - I didn’t even need to address all of that, because lo and behold - PA has ONLY purchased CCP in 2018 - which is 13(!) years after the time period to which you have referred.

And changes You don’t seem to like started trending up way in advance before that.

SKINs? april 2015
skill extractors/injectors? february 2016.
alpha clones? november 2016
plex revamp? march 2017

and the icing ontop of the cake - Incarna, which introduced actual microtransaction store into eve online: June 2011 - 7 years before PA bought them up.

I could probably pile up some more examples for You, but these should suffice. EvE was on this track for years before PA have ever had a thought of buying them.

funny thing is that when BDO (PAs flagship product afaik) released for western markets, based on how it was marketed, it seemed like someone trying to do fantasy equivalent of eve. The actual gameplay tho proved more along the line of “tried but didn’t have balls to actually go for it, so design got shifted halfway through”

You will know PAs influence when we’ll get gear enchancement, with added monetization to support whales going for PENs where it’d take someone equivalent gear levels to even think of winning a fight - regardless of numbers involved. This is pretty much only thing PA does, that CCP didn’t try before them.

That would make more sense than blaming hypernet on them, actually.

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