No bonus money for CCP! Deal sits at $225 Millions

The purchase price that the South Korean game company Pearl Abyss pays for CCP decreases by 47% from what it could amount to - from 425 million US dollars, equivalent to more than 54 billion ISK, to 225 million dollars, almost 29 billion ISK.

The reason is that performance-related criteria in the operation did not work. Pearl Abyss bought CCP in 2018 and 225 million dollars were paid out immediately, but 200 million dollars were conditional on CCP’s performance in 2019 and 2020.

I blame CCP!


I heard on TiS that it wasn’t all CCP’s fault. Apparently some of the conditions had to do with Serenity starting back up, which got delayed due to China stuff. So, there was nothing CCP could really do. And, unfortunately, there was no sliding scale for the bonus money. It was all or nothing. Seems like a bad deal to me, but I’m short on details. So, what do I know.

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Gung Ho style! Somebody was a very poor negortiator.

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It’s always easier to fix performance for $200 million before than after.

After the performance for the contract is not performed in time,
there has to be an extension to the schedule,
unless the deadline cannot be fixed flat.

(…in other words, if it’s already flat, it might stay as flat as it is…)

Someone injected their Negotiation Skill but forgot to start training it … I was told this by a CCP employee…honest.


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The game been running for 20 years, that’s about 11.2mil a year. I wonder whose head will roll for that but beyond curiosity, I care little about it. As long as the game goes on and I can do my P.I :slight_smile:
Thank you for bringing that to the forum. It’s interesting.


It’s only like 25 bil ISK, a decent multibox mining fleet can make that much over a weekend. :wink:



Already replaced.

225m for a mmo with 10k players online in 2018 is still a pretty good deal.

The bad deal was trying to hit performance objectives, the damage to TQ has been immense. Login rewards, absurd mineral acquisition via Rorq’s, back tracking on black out, soft promotion of botting & ect,.

It will take years of in game austerity to fix this now, it also seems to have not dawned on CCP that they’ll need to raise subscription prices.

CCP do not value their in game economy but the players do. They think it has no $ value but it does, continued sub sales will damage TQ further & will prolong the need for austerity.

Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. I miss being broke! Alternately, since I fly fairly cheaply, I can’t wait to become one of the SUPER WEALTHY by dint of just not having much outflow.

There’s still time to fix all of this by removing the PvP and turning EVE into a Korean grinder with cash shop loot boxes.

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