Can Eve Online be taken back / bought back from [Pearl Abyss]?

pfft Oh please…

You are hardly some sort of game prophet crying in the wilderness, balos.

many people said the same sort of thing.

People read the things said at the time, you know…

and you are a troll. That’s why people say you are a troll, not because of your self-perceived rightness as you tilt at your chosen windmill du jour.


Nope, it will never happen.

If the game tanks and fails so much then PA will be begging CCP for a buyback but if that happens than CCP will also not have much interest in throwing all their money into a pit. If it is successful CCP will still not be able to make enough money to offer PA enough of a buy back they would accept as at that time PA would be the main benefactors and the game making them more money than CCP could offer anyways.

You can dream but if CCP didn’t want to let this happen than they would not have sold it to PA in the first place.


A clone can never be as good as the original.
See Solid and Liquid Snake. They were great, but nothing beats the original Big Boss. Except for
The Boss of course.

EVE cannot be replaced. But when the time comes for it to end, i hope it will be glorious and we will let it rest in peace and move on.


Manweru Cemenotar

You CLEARLY don’t have a clue about the 2005 community…

It’s not your fault because OBVIOUSLY you were not ingame at that date or you shouldn’t state bs like that…

The community was…differnt those days…


But don’t cry too loud if you face the truth…

And you are still a moron calling everybody that doesn’t obey to you a troll…

EDIT: feeding erased

I don’t think PA would sell ccp at all at this point (unless billions of monies were thrown at them, perhaps). Their business purpose for buying ccp in the first place is not even close to complete. The idea that PA might actually kind of want ccp to fail so they could acquire them more cheaply is interesting, and fits with speculation PA bought ccp for permissions/access to the potentially lucrative Chinese market rather than for EvE itself.

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Boys, if any of you see this post right here: We will have our Day in the Sun again! You must believe me and hear my words. I swear this to you as long as I live! With Eve, or without Eve, even if a replacement is needed.

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