Sensible ways to monetize asset safety

First, convert payment method from ISK to nearest value in Plex. Next, apply asset safety system to freighters and jump freighters. Freighter asset safety payments would be 50% of cargo value to the nearest Plex (30% Plex sent to Concord aka CCP, 15% to player that dealt most damage, and 5% to player with final blow). All player earned Plex is deposited directly into the Plex Vault.

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Umm… No.

CCP gets to remove plex from circulation when payment is made to salvage cargo hold assets from a gank. More control over ISK inflation.

If no payment is made those safety locked items are effectively removed from game. One great big item sink. Industry folks rejoice.

PLEX gets removed whenever people buy extractors, sub time, skins, whatever, from the NES (and by virtue of that, when they’re bought off the market afterwards). Pretty sure that accounts for a far higher amount of plex than what gets paid to asset safety.

Cant tell if this thread is just to make fun of wesfahrn for being a bad eve player, or because OP wants plex prices to go back up so they can make isk.

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Better plan: stop being an incompetent moron and getting ganked. You don’t need asset safety if you don’t lose any freighters.

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