Suspect securities fraud


On Sunday 14th Oct 2018 21:00 GMT I will be submitting a suspicion regarding securities fraud involving CCP games & Pearl Abyss, to and other regional regulators.

I believe that persons of interest/power at CCP games have deliberately inflated their customer numbers in relation to a sale of a company. I believe that they have falsely put forward artificially high numbers knowing that much of their subscription numbers are made up of ‘‘botters’’ and are not in fact real individual players. These ‘‘botters’’ are in fact using computer ‘‘scripts’’ to automate otherwise normal subscriber activity.

‘‘Botting’’ although providing subscription income is clearly not a sustainable financial activity for such an online environment that requires player to player interaction. By allowing botting CCP has allowed its financial price to artificially increase. ‘‘botters’’ provide a subscription income to CCP but by not fully advertising the real numbers or tackling such an issue CCP games has falsely advertised their true subscription worth & player base number. These ‘‘botting’’ subscriptions will prove in future to be unsustainable and adverse to the long term prospects of CCP games, EVE online and the finances of any connected party.

I also believe that CCP has encouraged such ‘‘botting’’ to artificially increase the value of their company in relation to a sale involving Pearl Abyss and to meet performance targets governing the price of said sale.

I also suspect that CCP games has not be entirely forthcoming with their unfulfilled subscription liability, that they continue to misinform their customers over their statutory rights regarding such liability & that they are not meeting best practise in regards to such liability.

Such actions may damage the investment of stockholders, owners & other parties invested in Pearl Abyss so I feel compelled for the authorities to be made aware of such actions.

I have posted this here as I welcome any further input from the player base and evidence that may be put forward to the authorities in relation.

In before lock.

Oh dear I hope you have hard evidence to support these accusations as if not you are in big trouble!



Ooooh lock for an out of pod experience in out of pod experience? Naw I’m gonna go with some belittling first. To be fair I’ve no real idea what I’m talking about but I’ll be forwarding my suspicions on Sunday none the less.

It’s other peeps jobs to determine if the suspicion has merit, they are not mine alone they are posted almost daily now it’s about time some officials decided if they are in fact relevant or not.

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They are only suspicious, I’ve seen one to many posts saying the same thing. r/eve is top posting such right now. I can only whistle blow, it’s not up to me to cast blame only whisper what I see and what I see is botting everywhere alongside a remarkably high sale price for a company…

Meh, usually post like this are often killed, but yes, I agree, the numbers for quite some time were going down, then suddenly back to more less as it was before the decline, so while it may hold water only time will tell, I often think most people have multiple accounts, I have ten myself.

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Thanks for the input. I’m just going to link what I see and reference other posts from the forums and r/eve ect.

In the end it is only a whistle blow it’s not up to me to point the finger. I’m not a trained legal expert or financial law expert but to me everything about this sale just seems wrong. Red flags everywhere really. Probably just wasting people’s time but lets let the officals decide if anything is dodgy but as a player the amount of botting recently is just wow! Also CCP sale price is beyond my reasoning!

This may literally be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen on the forums. Besides the fact that CCP is in no way regulated by the SEC or any other US securities agency, the entire premise is absurd. Even in comments CCP never mentioned “customer numbers” but referred to active accounts.

This may in fact go beyond your average troll post and should probably be addressed by CCP as a direct attempt at hurting the company with malicious intent.


Meh, if there is no issue because it is not under the securities then it might as well be out gasing which is harmless, the suits at pearl make the decisions let them worry about it.

I got to the point where I was trying to figure out the difference between “whistle blowing” and “finger pointing” in the OP’s mind and my brain locked up from the dumb…

That’s weapons-grade self contradiction there-congrats on powering through that to make your post, you did better than I could :rofl:

I am shocked.

The numbers WE saw, that the public saw from comments after the deal was announced, referred to active accounts. This takes on a far different meaning to anyone who has been around long enough to understand the difference between “players,” “customers,” “subscribers,” or the like. Whereas in the past an active account would be considered one with an active subscription, paid for by money or PLEX, we are now in the age of Alpha and Omega accounts. As a result, the term “active accounts” is not the same and it is quite possible that “active” no longer has the same simple meaning. Alpha and an Omega can both be considered “active,” hence a change in perspective resulting in an apples and oranges comparison with the past.

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Does SEC even have jurisdiction?

@Dirk_MacGirk how do you respond to critics who say that the only reason you’re allowed to make sense and be a Voice of Reason™ on this matter is because it’s part of the larger ‘Pearl Abyss Buying CCP hf Is Not The End Of The World™’ topic?


Popsicles. Popsicles everywhere.


Over a pair of companies neither based nor traded in the US (PA is traded on KOSDAQ, but not NASDAQ)?


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Thanks so it should be pointed in that direction. I was not sure about that but I will submit it there.

Also thanks for the other inputs, best to let the Korean authority to deal with the matter. I’m probably just being insane b ut for me, hmmm… seems to much botting and sale prices of late :slight_smile:

Yeah, about that. It will be Icelandic authority that has to deal with this - assuming there is anything to deal with.