Interest in statistics of complaints about botting/spaming

I’m getting a little frustrated here. After reporting a certain spamming char multiple times over the course of weeks, the char was still able to spam the chat channel, which is a violation of EULA section 6.C, pertaining to Terms of Service item 16.

Since CCP wont give me direct feedback of which actions have been taken (I can understand that and am not really looking for that), I am curious on some numbers.

I would like to know how many reports (Spamming, botting, etc.) does CCP get per month or day lets say? And then logically how many and which actions have been taken (warning, suspension, ban, permaban, etc.)

Wouldn’t releasing these numbers make CCPs work more credible and shows that CCP stands up for the rules and regulations? I for myself would appreciate this kind of transparency, and if there is no funny business going on, CCP would come up on top on this topic at least.

I remember at some fanfest 201x in some presentation they released some statistics about botting. Would be nice to see this in regular blog posts.

Would love to hear your thoughts and maybe some CSM Member can pick it up and bring to the agenda.

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It has been a bit since we have had an update from the security team and a report on their effort and effect on EVE’s bots and cheaters. Let’s tap Brisc and see if he can nudge CCP to generate an update for all of us.


I’ll ask about it tomorrow.


That is a very good idea. Apart from our own reports, we dont really have an Idea of how successful ccp is handling that problem. And people tend to forget, that this is a problem that CCP hasn’t been able to solve since the beginnings of EVE.

@Brisc_Rubal Yes please do that! Also it would be interesting to know how effective CCP is at tracking down where the botting money goes. If the accounts that receive botting money directly also get banned (and how many that are). And if tradable commodities or trade history from botting accounts are also getting tracked/reviewed (since it was the way to go for RMT traders in the past and probably is still working in some way). Obviosly this information is sensitive and interesting for botters too, but having a general idea if CCP is actually doing more than verifying if the player is a bot or not by doing background checks on those reported accounts would be absolutely awesome (some numbers would be dope!). This way more people may start to understand, that their hassle in reporting botters is not for nothing. Thank you very much!

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Statistics on complaints and whines in Eve? oh boy, that’s a hockey curve right there. And pretty much after every patch or event.

We can usually tell the statistics by the forum activity and sentiment analysis of the posts. Probably the most amount of whines/complaints are by the few.

Jita scammer confirmed :joy:

and no we can not. Not everyone who report bots and spammers goes to the forum to write about it.

It’s been a while since the last security update, so hopefully they can at least let us know when that’ll be coming.

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Much appreciated!

Any info on a new dev blog re. security from your meeting?
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Still in the meeting. This meeting will never end.

Just tell your banana to wait their turn…

Okay, I flagged it and hopefully we get a report here in a reasonable amount of time.

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This is a problem the entire internet hasn’t been able to solve since the beginnings of computers. EVE is not alone in this, nor by any means the largest example of this. It’s impressive how many people forget that CCP isn’t a security development shop and expect them to somehow permanently solve botting when nobody else has.


hell look at blizzard, they can’t keep bots off their games… and they are bigger than ccp.

My concern was only partly about botting. Mostly it was how CCP handles complaints of players that obviously violate the Chat Spam policies. But an overall security update is what I’m also looking for.

It will always be cat+mouse game, but it would show the effort if CCP could shed some light on the statistics. The security team most likely also has certain KPIs. Are they met? Would also be interesting to know.

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