Alliance Tournament XVI - Thunderdome Access

(Randal Bongsmoker) #22

That would be fine if I remembered my old password, hence my initial question was regarding account recovery.

Is there no way to reset the Thunderdome password then?

(IGC Alliance Tournament) #23

I have added you to a list of access issues to be resolved. If people have further access issues please mail this character and we will forward to CCP for investigation.


(Kei Hazard) #24

Thank you for your work.

(Xoorauch Destroyer) #25

Thank you for getting full access up finally.

I’d like to raise an issue that currently there are only 8 systems for practice, and all of them are accessible via gate travel. The ‘tournament’ and the ‘match’ systems are also mismatched, and the match will not start unless you set it to follow the ‘match’ system, and not the ‘tournament’ system.

I’ve detailed all this in an EVE mail with screenshots.

EDIT: There is the possibility that I’m completely misusing the tool, but I used the tool for my teams scrims last year without issue. This year, I find it odd that there are 8 ‘AT2018’ tournaments to choose from, and 2 ‘test’ tournaments. Last year, had a single ‘AT’ tournament format and under that, a huge load of matches and closed-off practice systems to choose from. Did this change occur because of an edit for the Fanfest tournament?

(RICOrus) #26

not working

(Kei Hazard) #27

Currently on my side:

No new chat channels allowed. Can’t enter existing ones.
Tournament Tool does not detect my fleet correctly (I am in a fleet but it says I’m not)

Basically can’t practice with AT tools.

Waiting for further improvement.

(Kei Hazard) #28


Can anyone confirm that they can use the Tournament Tools?
I cannot as it does not detect my fleet.

Worried about if it is only me or it is just Thunderdome not working.

Thank you
Kei Hazard

(Chamomile Tea) #29

It’s not you, the tool isn’t working

(IGC Alliance Tournament) #30

Thanks for the feedback so far, it seems there are a few issues currently. CCP have said they will look into these next week and we will announce any updates/fixes here when we get them. Thanks to the teams who have sent us detailed feedback, it has been collated and sent to CCP.

(Kei Hazard) #31

Okay thank you.
We are really lucky that we do not have feeder rounds.
Things will go ugly if we have.

(Capqu) #32

i dont know whether to laugh or cry

(IGC Alliance Tournament) #33

Thanks to those who have raised issues with Thunderdome. Please be aware that Thunderdome is no longer run directly by the community team and is a collaboration between several devs from different departments who are putting in time outside of their normal duties to help get it running this year. As such the turnaround for requests such as adding characters to the access request list & resolving technical issues will be slower than when it was ran by CCP Logibro. It is also the reason that the server is set up differently this year - to allow for more stability with less intervention. We hope you can appreciate this situation and work with us to improve it for the future.

Local Chat

This issue is now resolved and local chat should be behaving as expected.

Access Issues

Almost all access requests as of this post have been added / resolved. Please mail this character for further additions/revisions/issues.

Some characters have not been able to log on despite having been added to the access list. The most common issue here is that adding characters is case sensitive. If you think this affects you please mail this character in game. Other access issues are being looked at as soon as possible and the affected characters being mailed directly. The access list is being updated approximately once a week.

Arenas / The Tournament tool

There are limited arenas this year each with their own individual tournament in the tool. This will allow for greater stability of the server. This may mean that during peak times that all systems are full. You should not be able to start a match if one is already in progress, so if you wish to practice the advice is to keep trying to find an empty one until you do. It is advisable to consider this when arranging the time of your practice session if you want to use the tool.

Please note that Tournament Practice Units can be spawned on Thunderdome and you are welcome to use any system to practice in so there should be room to find a suitable system without the tool to practice.

The tournament tool may be a bit fragile/unresponsive on the first use of the day. The recommendation is to wait a few minutes and re-log which should resolve the issue.

Code of conduct

Please abide by the following rules when using Thunderdome this year:

  • Loitering in a tournament tool system is unacceptable at all times. You must be in one of the fleets moved by the tournament tool to one of the official practice systems or leave the system immediately on entering (for example if you logged on after disconnecting from the internet for a period of time).

  • The official tournament tool practice systems are as follows H-M1BY, KFIE-Z, LGL-SD, Farit, YUY-LM, Roua, AZ-UWB, A-3ES3.

  • Spying on other teams outside of these systems is also unacceptable. Due to the setup of Thunderdome this year it is expected that team captains attempt to resolve issues of random characters appearing in their practice systems with some patience and understanding. If, after polite warning (i.e. the time it takes to leave a system after having read local) a character is refusing to leave a system clearly being used by an alliance for practice then please report them to the character ‘IGC Alliance Tournament’ using evemail on Tranquility stating the time, date, system and character in question. We request you reserve this option as a last resort.

  • Any characters deemed intentionally spying will be removed from Thunderdome and their captains warned. Further transgressions of this rule will result in a team being removed from Thunderdome and, if necessary, the tournament.

(Kei Hazard) #34

Thank you so much.

(Hoodie Mafia) #35

With all due respect, Thunderdome is still pretty much useless for teams that care about opsec if the systems accessible in K-Space are not locked down properly

Tournament beacons prevent D-scan and probes. But you seem to overlook that the arenas have a Beacon on everyones overview.

According to the above we are supposed to politely ask if a character jumped into the system, warps to the arena beacon cloakded, screenshots all our setups and then be patient until he leaves?

In order for Thunderdome to be useful practice systems have to be locked down from conventional travel. Either through system lockdown, or much easier by just placing the practice systems in Jove space again

(Cyclo Hexanol) #36

One of the biggest mistakes CCP has ever made is letting Logibro walk out the door. This is a good example of why.

(Lord Rahvin) #37

I have had a problem when I log onto thunderdome. When I get on. My screen is messed up. The log in screen(the tri ship going towards the triglavian building) is stuck on my screen after Im logged in and I can not find a way to get it off of there. It makes flying impossible.

Is there anything you or I can do to fix this? I’m kind of dead in the water atm which is really annoying for practices.

Thank you

(sharpscg) #38

On the UI issue mentioned here by multiple people such as myself, Mythrell and Lord Rahvin: I did a bunch of investigating on this. Here is what i found out:

The symptoms:

  • The character selection backdrop never disappears, making it impossible to see tactical overlay and movement indicator arrows
  • Multiple tricks like session changes, entering planetary UI and playing with graphics settings does not fix this
  • Loglite logs an unusual error when a character is selected: error 2018-07-05T10:09:13 1352 C:\EVE\SharedCache\thunderdome\bin\exefile.exe DESKTOP-PC client General Failed to show the loading wheel
  • character creation crashes the client on effected accounts
  • The error is persistent across all Installation and setting profiles on multiple different machines tested. Other accounts work just fine on the same setup.

The solution:

  • As a conclusion, the error is clearly account bound.
  • The easiest way to handle it is using a different account.

(Jomby) #39

Hello, i have problem to log in in thunderdome server. Acording to my ally leader all is ok and im added for tournament. I recently reseted password for tranquility and may be this is the problem. Can you help please, and thanks in advance?

(MisterFalcon) #40

I’m unable to login, every time i try i get the message :

Connection Failed
The cluster is not currently accepting connections

I’ve cleared cache, reinstalled the launcher, etc, but i keep getting this message, even when alliance mates are able to login at the same time…


Any suggestions?


(Cyclo Hexanol) #41

Use your old password.