Alliance Tournament XVII - Survival Guide Weekend 1


When? Saturday and Sunday 6-7 November

Where? On Streams

Tournament Brackets - Alliance Tournament XVII - Challonge

Full Tournament Schedule and Teams - Spreadsheet

Prizes - Alliance Tournament XVII Prizes | EVE Online

AT Discord - Alliance Tournament XVII

Full Ruleset - AT XVII Rules and Registration | EVE Online


  • Host: Ithica Hawk
  • Commentators: Mizhir, Black Bart Pirate, Wingnutcros, Mawderator, The Bazzalisk, Brett Thomas thomas, Jin’Taan & Alek
  • Analysts: Mystical Might, Suitonia & Lazarus Telraven


  • Director: Artjay
  • Arena Director: Biohazard
  • Technical Director: Dysc
  • Graphics: Veetor
  • Floor Manager: Nashh
  • Referee Team Leader: General Stargazer
  • Production Assistant: Amymuffmuff

As well as multiple CCP’ers and GM’s in various roles.


Keep in mind that Sunday 7 November is daylight savings in the US for some people so some of the times might change.


As with the AT feeders last month viewers will be able to spend their accumulated CCP TV Loyalty Points (read: Twitch channel points) on predicting the outcome of matches.

If you’re successful enough with the predictions (or if you’ve just been watching a lot of CCP TV livestreams and accumulating Loyalty Points) you can then parlay your success into some cool rewards!

Prize Cost Qty on Saturday 6 Qty on Sunday 7 Qty on Saturday 13 Qty on Sunday 14 Availability
Random GalNet StreamCast SKIN 10,000 LP Available at all times during the broadcast
Mixed Dimensions ship model 60,000 LP 1 1 1 1 Available during the last break only
US$100 gift store voucher 80,000 LP 2 2 1 3 During each break
EVE Online watch 100,000 LP n/a 2 n/a 2 During breaks on Sundays only

In addition to the Loyalty Point rewards we will run regular raffles in Twitch chat with prizes including more GalNet StreamCast SKINs, Rifter USB hubs and an additional Mixed Dimensions ship model, so even viewers who don’t do so well in the predictions still have a chance to win some cool prizes!

(Please note that due to Twitch policy, predictions are not available to viewers in the following countries: Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Quebec, Singapore, Sweden, Korea and Turkey.)

Making Redemption Easier

We’re attempting to automate delivery of the GalNet SKIN codes to cut down on the wait time people experienced during the AT feeders. In order for this to work you will need to register with the EVE2Twitch bot which lurks in the CCP TV Twitch channel.

To do so just visit CCP’s Twitch channel, and type the following in the chat while logged in to your Twitch account:

!ign your character name

For example if ccp_convict in Twitch writes !ign CCP Convict in Twitch chat the bot will now associate that Twitch user with his in-game character. Then if he redeems 10,000 loyalty points for a SKIN the code will be evemailed to the character CCP Convict in-game.

Note for anyone tempted to “steal” someone else’s SKIN codes because they happen to have access to their evemail thanks to a long-forgotten auth:




don’t forget we want your money not your enjoyment, You thought we couldn’t sink lower but we accepted your challenge and are now promoting NFTs!

Morals? what are those? pretty sure we tossed them out with our principals!

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