This Week in EVE #162 (July 22 - 28)


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“This week in EVE” is a weekly overview of EVE Online related news and events. The previous overview is here. Blue text links to further information.

The current “This week in EVE” gives an overview of week from July 22 to 28

Dev news

Alliance Tournament XV starts this week!

Get ready for the Alliance Tournament! 64 alliances are fighting for fame and glory, starting on 29 July at 14:00 UTC (6:00 AM PST).

  • First weekend out of four: July 29 and 30
  • Start: 14:00 UTC (6:00 AM PST)
  • End: 19:40 UTC (11:40 AM PST)
  • Match schedule
  • Expert commentators from EVE NT

Watch the live action!

EVE Online - In Development (July 2017)

A new in-development video! CCP Antiquarian and other developers with a preview of new exciting things.

There are also updates on moon mining development and refineries.

Moon mining revamped: There’s Ore in Them Thar Moons!

This winter, we will introduce Upwell Refineries and re-invent moon mining from the ground up!

  • New moon compositions
  • New moon material distribution
  • Improved moon surveying

We will have more details as we get closer to the release.

The Agency - Live event extended by one week

The new live event The Agency has been extended by one week until August 8th. We also fixed some issues with rewards. Missing rewards have been added to the redeeming system. Your numerous feedback helps us improving the next live events, thank you!

Project Discovery: Exoplanets with otherworldly records!

Another citizen science record by the EVE community! Project Discovery: Exoplanets started on 11 July. Immediately we saw incredible activity, smashing one record after the next:

  • 13.2 million classifications within the first 2 weeks
  • 88,000 classifications per hour (peak)
  • 1,539 classifications per minute (peak)

Now, researchers at the University of Geneva will turn to analyzing the data!

CCP Games to release Sparc for PlayStation VR on 29 August 2017

Sparc, the highly anticipated virtual reality sports game, will be release for PlayStation VR on August 29th! Sparc is a virtual sport: a unique full-body experience only possible in virtual reality, where the player’s VR equipment is their sports gear.

Special offers

Sapphire Sungrazer SKINs to be retired on 1 August Final sale!

20% discount on Sapphire Stargazer SKINs for Gallente Federation faction ships. The SKINs cost only 88 PLEX (except battleship SKINs, they cost 200 PLEX). The Sapphire Stargazer SKINs will be retired from the New Eden Store on 1 August.

Guides and community info

Guide: Exploration made easy

Exploration can be very lucrative; it is also easily accessible for relatively new players. What ships do you need for a successful exploration career? Which skills should you train, and where do you find all the good stuff?

Check out the EVE exploration guide on Krypted by BearThatCares

Quick Guide to EVE Online

Starting your EVE career can be quick and easy: use the power of the EVE community! Thanks to Kherub Angels, we have easily digestible guidance and links to further info. Use the Quick Guide to EVE by Kherub Angels!

Player gatherings and EVE meetings

The EVE community is fantastic - only few things are better than sharing your passion for EVE with fellow players. Time and time again, EVE player gatherings have been proven to be full of fun and excitement.

EVEMeet has upcoming player gatherings worldwide!

Predict the alliance tournament!

With the Alliance tournament starting this weekend, you can predict the winner, results of each match and more! Check out the fantastic tournament prediction site and make your predictions. Of course, there are also prizes to win. :slight_smile:

Community artwork

Scenes from the fight in XA5-TY

A few days ago, sizable forces clashed in the system XA5-TY over the attack of a Sotiyo engineering complex. Ships worth 220 billion isk got destroyed. Rose Knightly took amazing screenshots from the battle.

Uroboros incursion site

Another set of stunningly beautiful images by Rose Knightly. This time we can see the infamous Uroboros incursion site with the Sansha mothership NPC.

Self-destruct in 3…2…1…

Who would have thought that self-destructing your ships could be that pretty? ImperatorBevo pushed the button - with flashing results!

Exploding Fortizar

Even (or especially?) during their last moments of existence and on the brink of exploding, Citadels looks fabulous! Thanks to Wilhelm Arcturus for this impressive shot.

This Week in EVE #163 (July 29 - August 4)
«Эта неделя в EVE» №162 (22-28 июля)
(CCP Phantom) #2

(Dior Ambraelle) #3

Question about Sparc: when will you release it on PC for HTC Vive owners?

(Rose Knightley) #4

I Love that Fortizar shot! :heart:

(Morrigan Laima) #5

I see you’ve been getting a bit of credit this week @Rose_Knightley :grinning:

(Akrasjel Lanate) #6

How many players submited those classifications ?

Predictions with no betting, even if the betting was mostly symbolic from my part ?

(Farr Arrow) #7

When I see the efforts of CCP to keep Eve Online on the cutting edge of game technology and all their endless work to keep Eve the best of the best on the internet, I just have to say that it’s my opinion that all of us who love this game owe the many dedicated and hard working CCP employees a huge thank you. Thanks so much for all your dedicated work and effort in creating this amazing universe and also for your doing your very best to keep it up date and relevant, thanks.

And I also very much appreciate that you extended the newest live event, “The Agency” by one week. Gracias!

(Tvashnar Crendraven) #8

How many of those classifications were anything other than “no transit, next” as fast as possible just to get rewards ?

(Tvashnar Crendraven) #9

They need the extra week of testing to fix all the bugs.

(Krima Sumyungi) #10

64 bit client? DirectX 12 implementation?

No real news then.

(Haruka Ovaert) #11

Implementing that is a colossal task, don’t think you’ll see that any time soon.

(Nana Skalski) #12

64 bit client and DX12 will see the same fate as HD textures and Tessellation. Only Tesselation even had a demo. :smirk:

(Krima Sumyungi) #13

To be honest, I doubt even half of what they just showed for “improved visuals” or anything else from now to next year will even halfway match what ends up in the game.

(Daniel Jackson) #14

well EVE will eventually get to 64-bit it’s just a matter of time as more and more people will have 8gig + ram that it’s becoming a standard to have more then 4 gigs, and will reduce the client crashes people get in large battles.

(Krima Sumyungi) #15

EvE will get a 64bit client right after the first 128 bit OS’s and CPU’s hit the market.