This Week in EVE #159 (July 1 - 7)


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“This week in EVE” is a weekly overview of EVE Online related news and events. The previous overview is here. Blue text links to further information.

The current “This week in EVE” gives an overview of week from July 1 to 7

Upcoming EVE Online Release: July 11

The next EVE Online release will be published on July 11. With this exciting release, we will get:

Check out the detailed patch notes and the overview on EVE Updates!

Development update July 2017

A brand new development update with CCP Seagull:

  • The next release and upcoming features
  • The future roadmap and structures
  • Importance of game balance and a dedicated balance team
  • New events on the horizon

We also will have a live Q & A on July 10, use the feedback thread for your questions!

Monthly Economic Report - June 2017

The economy in EVE Online is completely player driven, incredible huge and extremely interconnected. To keep everyone up to date, we publish monthly reports about the EVE economy:

Also, check out the community analysis by Wilhelm Arcturus.

Alliance Tournament XV: Schedule and Brackets

The Alliance Tournament is a fantastic spectacle where alliances are sending their best of the best of the best to fight against each other:

  • July 29 to August 20
  • 4 weekends filled with crazy action
  • Full live stream coverage
  • 64 teams
  • Double elimination tournament with best-of-five finals

Check out the tournament schedule, the tournament rules and the brackets. Reserve the dates!

Next on July 18: SKINs for Tech-3 cruisers

With the updates on July 11 and 18, we will get fantastic SKINs for Tech-3 cruisers. Often requested by the community, available just in a few days!

1 billion ISK income per hour? Not exactly that much, but still decent money! Check out Anize Oramara’s guide to easy burner missions! Gustav Manfred illustrates burner missions with polarized weapons.

Join the developer live Q&A on July 10 at 18:00 UTC on Twitch. Ask our devs about game balance, upcoming features, the next expansion and more!.

64 10-pilot teams fighting tooth and nail! Understand the Alliance Tournament matches, watch Jin’taan’s excellent explanation of the match opening! There exist several standard opening moves. If you understand them, everything becomes much clearer!

Is gas harvesting profitable? How find the best spots? Check out Saarith’s Gas harvesting guide for a guide easy to understand.

EVE Vegas is the legendary player gathering in Las Vegas from October 6-8. Incredible fun, exciting dev presentations, roundtable discussions and more! The first player speakers for EVE Vegas have been announced: Materall and Max Singularity. Also news: Permaband join EVE Vegas!

The ships of EVE Online are beautiful! Especially when you use some of the SKINs, look even more amazing as shown by the “Hazard Control” Typhoon from Wilhelm Arcturus. What is your favorite SKIN?

Summer time! Enjoy the summer with fellow pilots. Portal to some of the most exciting player gatherings. Check out EVEMeet for the best player gatherings.

A reminder: If you are flying a Tech-3 cruiser, then please dock up or get at a friendly starbase at downtime July 11.

(CCP Phantom) #2

(Wanda Fayne) #3


I never get first… until today :smiley:

Good news this week.

(Farr Arrow) #4

Thanks Eve; for the wonderful work that you all do to struggle to make things better and better each week and month and year. I particularly enjoyed the spotlight focused this week on Saarith’s Gas Harvesting Guide. Thanks so much to all you hard working CCP employees and also to all the hard working pilots who work and contribute so much to the community (like Saarith)

(Rade Latinovic) #5

Any news as to when the Angels Hex skin is coming out?

(gexxis) #6

must be the only one in the game still hates any skins i just can’t stand any of them i just destroy or trash them even the gift one

(Dorvius) #7

I really hope that “Amarr Empire Exploration Suit” that always taunts me from the apparel section of the market comes out soon. It looks hella cool.

(Ivan Beer) #8

nice! I like the gas harvest information, it cool! :))

side bar:: I save both links I found inside the EVE #159.