This Week in EVE #160 (July 8 - 14)

“This week in EVE” is a weekly overview of EVE Online related news and events. The previous overview is here. Blue text links to further information.

The current “This week in EVE” gives an overview of week from July 8 to 14

EVE Online July release is live now

The EVE Online July release is live now, it was deployed on July 11. Highlights of this release are:

As usual, you can find details in the patch notes and the release overview on EVE Updates. Please also use the general feedback thread and the known issues summary.

139 years ago: Minmatar victory against Amarr

139 years ago, the Minmatar rebellion against the Amarr Empire was successfully completed with the liberation of the Minmatar home worlds. In celebration of the Minmatar Liberation Day, we made available a special ship SKIN for several Minmatar ships: Firewall Breach. The most striking feature of this SKIN is a symbolized silver Khuumak and a fiery red color gradient.

The EVE Online T-Shirt Design Contest - Results!

The results of the T-Shirt design contest are in. You have exceeded our wildest expectations!

Thank you! The winners receive PLEX, credits for the EVE Store and Frigates of EVE Online: The Cross Sections book.

Rebalancing Strategic Cruisers

We completely overhauled the strategic cruiser ship class. Some highlights:

  • Four instead of five subsystems (removed Electronic subsystem)
  • Three, instead of four, subsystem choices per subsystem
  • Ability to unfit rigs without destroying them
  • A new dedicated 120m3 subsystem bay

Further details are available here.

Preparing For The Future – Retirement Of Captain’s Quarters & Twitch Integration

With the August release, we will retire Captain’s Quarters. Twitch streaming integration will be removed in September. Several reasons lead to this decision:

  • Maintaining Captain’s Quarters use up 4-6 weeks of dev time
  • Current state of CQ starts hurting our dev teams
  • Upgrading CQ would require 6-8 months of development time
  • Less than 3% of the player base use Captain’s Quarters
  • Twitch integration is not being used, freely available products are better and very popular

The resulting freed dev time will be used for producing new content and to improve and advance the technologies (e.g. working on a 64-bit client).

EVE_NT Alliance Tournament Viewing Parties - First Two Weekends!

Join the EVE_NT alliance tournament parties! Have tons of fun during the Alliance Tournament and with fantastic EVE pilots.

  • Venue: Antenna, Nottingham, UK,
  • Dates: July 28 and 29, August 5 and 6
  • 5 HD screens, 2 projectors, tons of fun!
  • Beer discounts

Don’t miss the fun and grab your ticket now!

Prof. Michel Mayor introduces Project Discovery

Professor Michel Mayor, who discovered the very first planet outside our solar system in 1995, introduces Project Discovery. Search for real life exoplanets from within EVE’s virtual universe, contribute to science!

More great videos about Project Discovery! Big shout-out to “The Discourse” agency and “Spaceships Involved”:

Thanks to Adan Dimaloun, we can enjoy the major battles in June 2017 in one nice video overview. More in-depth videos for each of the battles are available in this thread, check them out!

Amazingly creative banners showing EvE-Scout Propaganda. Many thanks to Steve Ivy / Este DeStirr. How do you create such banners? Discover the workflow and try it yourself!

EVE is time consuming? You cannot have a quick battle? Everything takes hours?
Remiel Pollard proves this to be wrong! Check out his videos PVP Quickies and discover the rich potential of EVE. It only takes 1 to 3 minutes!

Wormholes are exciting and dangerous. Knowledge is power. If you want to explore wormholes, you can prepare yourself with a list of wormhole systems and deep intel. You can also check out the overview of wormholes for details.

Industry is profitable and fun! Use EVE Industry and calculate the profits for Tech-1, Tech-2 and Tech-3 items (including the component chain). It is easy to use and quick.

Do you need expensive ships and lots of money to get anywhere in EVE? No! Check out the guide to low budget salvaging by greybill with suggested ship fittings and explanations of skills and modules useful for salvaging.


Wonderful pilots! In order to improve the weekly reports, I would like to ask for your feedback about the weekly reports:

  • What do you like to see more?
  • What do you think is not as relevant?
  • How do you like the format (images, bullet points, little to none flow-text)?
  • What other suggestions do you have?

Your feedback can have a direct impact :slight_smile:


I would like to see some work on Wormhole space… it feels incredibly neglected as of late. I understand that we are not representative of the majority of your player base, but right now our community is hurting and we don’t seem to have much coming back from CCP. Even if it’s just a “Hey, we’re working on some stuff to improve this!”. That’s all we ask.
Edit: I know this is regarding the weekly posts. But I’m asking for more flow of information in regards to wormhole space development topics.


It’s also wrong, as it hasn’t got the latest data dump, so tech 3 cruiser build requirements are the old ones and quite different.

Personally, I like it as it is. There’s useful info, there’s guides, there’s a lot of good stuff. I think the layout can improve, make it smaller or something, but I don’t think it’s bad.

Keep up the good work.


I would like to see some mentions of community events. One of the largest player meetups in North America is next week, and there hasn’t been a single mention of it in any of the recent “this week in eve”.

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CCP Phantom said:

“Wonderful pilots! In order to improve the weekly reports, I would like to ask for your feedback…”

First of all I would like to thank CCP Phantom and all the other hard working CCP employees who provide this amazing game for all of us to enjoy. Having said this, I have a fairly large criticism of the way things have been done in providing everyone with the “new” forums that we have been enjoying for a few weeks now . It really seems to me that something is missing when it comes both to participation and player interaction in using the new forums. Perhaps I am wrong, but it seems that players are just not as engaged and as interested in both reading anything/everything posted in the new forums and especially in posting anything/everything in the new forums.

Again, perhaps I am wrong, but please lets look at this primarily just from a psychological viewpoint. Many, many players in the past have spent countless hours posting all sorts of information on every conceivable part of Eve in the “old” forums for many years now. Some players have probably spent hundreds or possibly even thousands of hours participating in the old Eve Online forum community. Of course while doing this, most have probably gained many “likes” in return for providing information that other players wanted to read and that other players thought was useful and pertinent. Some very dedicated players posted so much information over time and participated so much that some of these players actually earned many thousands of “likes.”

Now lets fast forward to today and imagine ourselves as one such dedicated player returning to Eve after a short absence. Let’s just say that this imaginary player has gained many thousands of “likes” by past dedicated participation in the forum community for many years. Now imagine the feelings of this player when they log onto Eve for the first time in a while and then, of course, go straight into the forums to catch up on what’s been happening lately within their favorite game. They see their character but something is incredibly wrong here. Where are all their hard-earned “likes?” Then they suddenly realize and it could possibly hit them very hard. All their hard-earned likes are gone and it really doesn’t look like there’s any real hope of getting them back. Sorry my hard-working friend, your recognition for all your past work in the forum community has now been ripped from you. All your “likes” are gone and they ain’t coming back.

How do you think players who have worked very hard in the past and possibly gained hundreds or thousands of “likes” now probably feel? Sorry, but I have to be very blunt. They probably feel like “crap.” Do you not think that many of them could very well possibly be saying this to themselves: “Wow, that’s the last time that I have anything to do with posting anything in these stupid forums, that’s for sure. All my hard work - gone!” If there actually are players who now have this attitude, who could really blame them? Most of the public recognition of their many hours and participation in making the Eve Online forums a better place for everyone has been suddenly ripped from them. Wouldn’t this be discouraging to just about anyone in this situation? Don’t you think?

I myself unfortunately (or fortunately) only had a few likes posted to my character in the old forums. Approximately a dozen or so. So this isn’t really about me. But I do think that there are a number of very dedicated forum community members that very well may now be in the middle of reevaluating their future participation in these forums. And if these forums lose a lot of these dedicated core participants, then couldn’t we possibly just see everything sorta wither and eventually go away? Do you really think that we need less interest and less participation in everything-Eve now? If you want to see this game slowly go away and eventually just completely die then your answer certainly might be affirmative. The rest of us though, we might probably want to try to help support Eve so that more pilots are attracted to playing regularly and more Alpha players sign up to start playing and learning about the game and more Alpha players switch over to eventually perhaps play regularly as an Omega. More participation in everything-Eve, not less. It doesn’t seem to me that doing things that discourage future forum participation by the most dedicated core part of the forum community, the players with the most “likes,” will help support Eve or encourage any group of players to keep playing.

Can we fix this? Or is all this just my imagination and really not a problem at all? What do you think? If this really is a problem then the solution seems fairly straightforward and obvious. Give the players back their “likes.” It seems very simple to do but perhaps I’m somehow wrong. If a player had 999 “likes” in the the old forums, CCP figures out a way to add 999 “likes” to that same player here in the new forums. And do this with all players so that nobody loses their “likes” and nobody loses whatever emotional investment they have with these forums and with this community. But doing this will take some work by CCP and is it worth it to them to spend the time and energy? We’ll all find out eventually. But when the last Eve Online server shuts down permanently and everything is just memories, it probably won’t just be any one particular problem that has driven the game to that very sad end. But if Eve ever does reach such a cataclysmic end, it most likely will be from a combination of a whole lot of problems, some fixable and some that simply can’t be fixed. This problem, if it truly is a problem, seems to me to be fixable.

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I have a question about the drone bays. Is it possible to open the drone groupings to be able to mix your combat and ECM or Web in 1 group as this would be a better way to preset a attack group.
I find it a bit strange that you have not doe this already. Thanks

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Please allow me to clarify something as your company seems to be confused. A decent amount of the player base would love to see walking in stations. You just did it wrong. The answer isn’t to stop but to do it better.


Well, in August developers will have free time, then please implement Custom Tracking Position for your stupid unfinished Incarna camera.

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I think the volume and content coverage for a weekly summary that your doing is generally more than enough. It is after all a summary.
The format is just fine and I think should be driven by what the weekly content is.

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Make a cheaper subscription for Russia

interesting to note that the link for Kuumak chronicle is actualy not to the new fiction portal… :wink:

Is it possible to improve industry by allowing me to get prices of the minerals in special sheet inside the window? I’m tired of constantly using google-ish sheets for every ship I make.

Text formatting: More structure would be nice. For example, bigger captions and spaces so that the post has clear subdivisions. It looks too much like a wall of text in its current form.

Content: Is fine. I like that you have started adding guides and other player made stuff. Its a good summary for people who dont have the time to constantly read reddit and forums.

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For the weekly updates, a table of contents would be nice to have, so I can quickly go to the topic I’m interested in.

And on a more general not, I agree with @Vivace_Naaris on the WH space comments. Would be good to get some insight in the roadmap for WH space development for instance.

Thank you for all the feedback so far! This is valuable indeed.

@Farr_Arrow Thank you for your detailed reply. I wonder though, is the main motivation to gather as many likes as possible or is the main motivation to share knowledge, interesting facts, raise awareness etc. and the make a name for yourself? If someone is just after likes, the easiest way would be to spam the like-and-get-likes threads. For example, I recognize so many names from the old forums - not because of the number of likes, but because those people post regularly interesting content.

@ExookiZ A list of upcoming players gatherings might be useful indeed. That said, everyone is most welcome to add content to this thread as well if they have interesting things to share.

@Sarina_Aideron @MiniVan I will see what I can do in regards to a better layout and improved formatting.

Regarding specific development questions, that is something better to be raised and addressed in the various feedback and suggestion threads about these features and their development.

CCpls… my 3 toons just resubbed themselves in the past few weeks (4th year, 3rd year, and 2nd year loyal subbing accounts respectively)… and now there’s a 15% sale for a week? Meaning I just spent $60 more than I could have. Feels bad, man.