This Week in EVE #166 (19 - 25 August)


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“This week in EVE” is a weekly overview of EVE Online related news and events. The previous overview is here. Blue text links to further information.

The current “This week in EVE” gives an overview of week from August 19 to 25

Dev News

Dev blog: Reactions redefined - New industry opportunities for you

Exciting new opportunities with the revamp of reactions! Reactions are the industrial activity that turns moon materials and gas into more advanced materials. Reactions will become exclusive to Refineries, they no longer can be conducted at POS. A quick summary of the revamp:

  • Reactions can be only done at Refinery structures
  • New service modules for Refineries to conduct reactions
  • New blueprints for reactions
  • New skills to improve reactions

Arriving this winter as part of the moon revamp!

Streaming: CCP BunnyVirus and daily player streams

Watch interesting player and developer live streams on CCP’s Twitch channel. There is something for everyone!
The schedule for the remainder of this week:

  • Friday
    • 14:00 CCP BunnyVirus - Live Experimental Osprey re-design (continued)
    • 20:00 DaBigRedBoat
  • Saturday
    • 16:00 Rushlock
    • 18:00 Manic Velocity
    • 20:00 Frankthebank
  • Sunday
    • 18:00 Bjorn Bee

Keep an eye on this thread for next week’s schedule! Don’t miss any fun and simply subscribe to the channel.

Alliance Tournament XV: The Results

64 teams entered the Alliance Tournament on 29 July. The winner emerged on 20 August in a thrilling final. Congratulations to VYDRA RELOLDED for winning the 15th Alliance Tournament!

This tournament was full of excitement, surprises, and tough battles. Video recordings of the tournament and battles are available on CCP’s twitch channel. Have a look at the full tournament results!

The role-playing news organization, The Discourse, reports with a video special.

EVE Vegas 2017 - Blade Runner 2049 Charity Screening

As part of the amazing player gathering EVE Vegas 2017, we offer a charity screening of Blade Runner 2049 (premiering during EVE Vegas this year). A screening of the movie will occur on Sunday, October 8th that will be exclusive to EVE Vegas attendees.
A couple reminders about EVE Vegas 2017

Ticket prices for the screening range from $15.95 to $99.95, proceedings will go to the charity AbleGamers Foundation.

Mass testing improved turret firing effects

The new turret firing effect feature is live on the test server. If you have missed the mass test on 24 August, you still can have a look for yourself! Simply log into the test server Singularity, play around a bit with this feature and let us know how you like these new effects!

Special offers

New Eden Store: IGC Skins available until 29 August

Upon popular demand and to celebrate a successful Alliance Tournament XV, the amazing IGC SKIN for Serpentis ships are available until 29 August.

  • The SKINs cost between 55 PLEX (Violator) and 390 PLEX (Vanquisher)
  • Exclusive SKIN bundle (Cormorant, Caracal, Drake) costs 297 PLEX

Further details are in the new announcement.

Guides and community info

Current conflicts in EVE - Who is fighting, where and why?

A report by Schenck-the-Prophet about the current large conflicts in EVE. For details about the northern conflict, have a look at Capri Sun KraftFoods opinion. Get specific insight into the recent 750 billion ISK capital battle from CrossingZebras!

Moon materials - Are they worth anything?

Gathering moon materials is the first link in the T2 production chain. This winter, we will fundamentally change this gathering process (read more about the upcoming changes here). Is it currently worth gathering moon materials? Capri’s overview of the current moon material profits provides up-to-date info.

Ore, ice and gas - What is most profitable to mine?

Which ore is most profitable to mine? Is ice better, or maybe gas harvesting? provides good info about the expected ISK/hour income for mining the different ore, ice and gas. Created by the player Andromeda Uitra - thank you!

PVP Guide - Logistic ships and their maximum support capabilities

A quick overview from elitatwo about the different logistic ships in EVE and their maximum support capabilities. Discover tech-1 and tech-2 fits for cruiser and frigate logistics!

Taking cinematic screenshots in EVE without the UI

EVE is beautiful! If you want to capture a special moment with a screenshot, you might want to toggle off the UI. You can simply toggle on/off the UI by pressing Ctrl-F9.

Seven player gatherings worldwide next week

Player gatherings are exciting and a great opportunity to meet fellow EVE enthusiasts.

Find a player gathering near you on EVEMeet and on the EVE Forum!

Community artwork

The Dark Rifter Menace

A beautiful moment captured by Beef Cherky. Beware of the Dark Rifter menace!

Amazing corporation and alliance recruitment poster

The EVE community is full of extremely skilled people. For example, have a look at amazing recruitment posters from groups such as Bombers Bar and Hedway Station. Don’t miss good content and visit the creative MyEVE forum section or follow EVE’s Instagram.

CONCORD Battleship - Marshal
This Week in EVE #167 (26 August - 1 September)
EVE Wochenschau #166 (19.-25. August)
(CCP Phantom) #2

(Farr Arrow) #3

Thanks again CCP for another week of the most unique fantasy universe (by far) on the internet. Presented by all your very hard working and dedicated employees and developers. I particularly enjoyed your highlighting this week the fascinating look at the “current large conflicts” in Eve as posted by Schenck-the-Prophet. Thanks CCP and thanks is also owed to Schenck-the-Prophet and everyone else who always contributes so much. Ciao

(Arcanith Lionheart) #4

Great job with the updates, but ever since I saw the modelling of the CONCORD ship on that other video I have a question or two.

Any news on the CONCORD Battleship model?

Also, will it eventually release to the players just how the Enforcer and Pacifier did?

I really Really like CONCORD ships… They are pretty… And I want that battleship…

(CCP Phantom) #5

You might be interested in this piece of information.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #6

Oh wow… But wait, it says Both Fanfest and Vegas, didn’t Fanfest end a while ago?

Also, is it really ok to just get a ticket even though I ain’t going to said event? Wouldn’t that fill up your slots and deny entrance to people that really want in?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I Really want the ship, but I am feeling it is starting to be worth waiting out a bit until CCP decides to do a sort of giveaway or add it as an additional Project Discovery reward… I get a sense of guilt for filling out space unnecessarily… Besides, the “full ticket price” is a wee bit too much for just the battleship IMO, I checked the FAQ in the Vegas page and the “EvE ingame item”, which I assume its the ship, is only under Full Ticket, while the “Party only” only gives access to the night party at the event.

(Rose Knightley) #7

I can’t wait for the improved turret firing effects will make for some fun pics! :smiley:

(Matterall) #8

Thanks Phantom! Also –

[Live Stream] EVE History Talk: SirMolle, Seleene, author Andrew Groen

EVE History:

SirMolle, the leader of Band of Brothers and Seleene of Mercenary Coalition, join “Empires of EVE” author Andrew Groen. We’ll go back in time and revisit 2003-2009, exploring EVE before there was sov, before stations, before capital ships. Watch these pillars of history talk about the game played at the highest levels. They pioneered the game’s awe inspiring reputation, preserved by Andrew in book and audio book form.

SirMolle, also known as Shrike was Jamyl Sarum’s champion in the first succession trials. The first wield a Titan without timidity, and first to die in one on the field. The Band of Brothers (BoB) name resonates to this day, echoing the rich past of breakthroughs and firsts.

Seleene led Mercenary Coalition to make their mark on EVE’s psyche early in EVE history. The talented player was plucked out by CCP to join the development team of Apocrypha (best expansion). Having seen all sides of EVE for over a decade, Seleene remains an active power broker to this day.

Andrew Groen singlehandedly raised nearly 100k to write the first ever book on player history, “Empires of EVE: A history of the great wars of EVe Online…” It took years to run down the details and narrate them into a story. He now gives lectures to filled halls, spreading the collective memory of early EVE players.

Talking In Stations Podcast:

When: Saturday, 15:00 UTC
Where: Imperium News twitch1 channel.
Talking In Stations Podcast released a few hours later.

UPDATE: Tune in 1 hour early for a broadcast from “EMPIRES OF EVE” read by the author.

(Grand Moff Tarkin1) #9

So freaking awesome!! I love all the stuff you are doing for EVE Online CCP!!! Keep it up and keep being awesome!!! I use amarr lasers a lot and i love lots of the Content y’all are bringing!! Keep it up and lets keep bringing new players!!! Keep up the good work!

(Yiole Gionglao) #10

…are there any updates on the lack of updates of why the updates webpage was updated last week to remove all mention of Empire space in the upcoming winter expansion?

(Krima Sumyungi) #11

They don’t have the balls required to actually answer that question.

(Veskin Sentinel) #12

Thanks for the brilliant updates, @CCP_Phantom!

Can you please include this post in the next weekly update? The goal is to get as many voters as possible. And I feel it is a much needed thing for the Avatar Gameplay discussion.

(Krima Sumyungi) #13

I have no interest in Singularity, as most stuff gets thrown on Tranquility with little to no testing anyway. So, where are some videos showing off the new weapon effects?

(CCP Phantom) #14

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