New Turret Firing Effects - Feedback, Issues, Opinions

Hello Singularity Pilots!

As of the update on 23 August, the new turret firing effect feature is live on the Singularity test server.

We invite comments from all capsuleers, especially those attending the 24 August Mass Test (here).

Please post any thoughts, opinions, concerns, and general feedback in this thread.

For any more specific technical issues or errors, please report them using the F12 menu in client.

Thanks, everyone.


The Effects are quite nice, I like the fact that they have a cleaner look. I feel thought that they are a bit ‘thin’ if that makes sense, in that the effects are relatively small comparison to what I expect. For example, I feel a larger laser should have a much larger beam than the smaller lasers, but there wasn’t much of a size difference. Personally, I feel like the effects should have more ‘punch’ in that when I’m in a large fleet fight, I expect to see giant lasers and guns everywhere. Now it seems like that is a but dulled down. The Naglfar had the best effects in my opinion, as they have very large weapons. And when I see their effect, it is also very large - just what I expect. I think the hybrids and lasers should have broader and larger effects. other than that though, great job on them!

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looked nice, didnt have a chance to fully see it however as i got blown up by a leviathan

It looked much better than the old turret effects! Performance was also fine!

I can see other people’s turret effects (Including my other characters) but not my own. I have it set to optimise for quality with all the effects boxes ticked. running 4 clients on a geforce 970 (without significant slowdown). Have I missed a setting somewhere or have other people had the same?

It felt like some of the turret animations are still missing? At least the Lasers went from “idle” to “firing” instantly without an animation?

Also what Kaladorous Lightwing wrote: Fater beams for fat lasers would be nice.

Otherwise: Nice work :slight_smile:

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The effects all looked great! However, I noticed a few hybrid turrets fired out of the hull, and not the actual turret.

I used artillery on hurricane , the new models are pretty impressive . I liked the way they hitted and how the guns experienced recoil on fire , i noticed that they didnt hit (visually) alltogether even though i had the weapons grouped .
Overall its a nice feature although you need to zoom in quite alot to enjoy it .

I wasn’t super familiar with the old effects, but all of the ships I brought seemed to have nice turret firing animations. I didn’t see any issues with video performance either, even with all of the ships that were there shooting.

  1. The firing effects are barely visible at a distance.

  2. The firing effect animations do not originate at the end of the barrel of the turret. Instead they originate from what appears to be the point where the turret anchors on the hull of the ship.

  3. There is no turret swivel animation. They simply pop from one orientation to another in a single frame. This was very obvious when we were firing on the keepstar because there are multiple points on the keepstar that the turrets will fire upon so you could sit and watch the turrets pop/glitch/jump from one orientation to another.

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was able to view the turret effects on other ships, but not on my own ship (Kronos), while shooting the structure.

Other than that, (atleast for myself) things went well.
Thats my 2cents on the subject. Keep up the good work Dev’s.

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