Singularity update 2020-03-05 - Testing required!


Just two quick things regarding the patch, which we just applied to Singularity!

A) We discovered yesterday, that wormhole graphics were “slightly” broken on Singularity. Btw, thank you very much for the related bug report! This should be fixed now in this patch, but we are concerned that other graphical effects might be affected due the same reason. Unfortunately this could happen nearly anywhere, so we might miss something in our internal tests. Please help us out and look around on Singularity, if you find any broken graphical effects, and then send bug reports (with screenshots + appropriate description), if you find anything.
Thank you very much in advance!

B) We have temporarily disabled the Frigate Escape Bay on your battleships on Singularity, to allow for more reliable testing of a patch for next week.
During the time it is disabled, you can retrieve any frigate that is inside a battleship by repackaging the battleship. Should you battleship be destroyed with the frigate inside, it will be lost.
We will re-enable the feature on Singularity soon, and the feature will come to Tranquility in late March, same as previously announced.

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please fix a market bug…zirnitra hull not seeded, zirnitra capital components seeded…zirnitra ammo and turret seeded…precursor dreadnought skillbook seeded

was jita bug fixed? the sun was like after going supernova.

is a feature, not a bug Amak. Come on, you ought to know better than that

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