New mirror on Singularity 2019-12-17


  • There is a new mirror on Singularity.
  • Market seeding and rules are as usual.
  • Skill points from mass tests are currently being applied.
  • A new patch is being deployed tomorrow.

when zirnitra will be available? precursor dreadnought skill is seeded.

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Mirror broke something with the New Eden Store, products don’t apply any effect onto the clone. For example, I buy Omega Time from the NES, there is no effect, Omega isn’t applied to the account.
Second example: Buying Skill Extractors wont show up in the redeeming queue.
I’m hoping the new patch will also come with a NES fix?


i have got omega time added for half year on sisi. NES store works but with one hour delay? extractors are still not redeemable

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Quick update: Singularity has been updated with the latest patch, but unfortunately this broke chat (and some other smaller issues). Due to this we are leaving Singularity in VIP mode for the evening and get this fixed tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the update.

*frustrated Golem sounds*

raging and dropping thunders on m-ooeb

hello ladies and gentlemen. don’t worry everything will be alright. +;)
I just wonder if I can write a letter or not. I am a teapot in computer technology. :wink:

ops… ha ha ha I wish you all good luck and a lot of happiness. :wink:

Is there a timeline for this fix? The one time I really want to test something on Sisi this happens lol
Would be neat if it works again before the weekend and christmas comes around.

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is wallet fixed on sisi???

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