Singularity Update and Known Issues

Hi folks, we’ve just pushed the latest update to Singularity and it has a few nasty known issues that we’re aware of, will be fixing, and do not need bug reports for.

  • Wormholes are not currently distributing
  • Resource wars and other distributed dungeons may not be appearing
  • Ejecting from ships isn’t working properly
  • Some market groups are missing their names
  • Can’t create sell orders currently
  • Right click menus are broken on structures in inventories.

Whats the time frame for WH’s being fixed , really want to try out some fits before I lose them on the main server

new server mirror?

@CCP_Goliath What about the known issue of people with 2FA being unable to log into Sisi? Is that being fixed, or are we just SOL? Cus… that new Dev Blog recommends everybody use 2FA if they aren’t already, which means nobody will be able to get into Sisi before long.

There’s an open defect on the issue and that is with a team, but Sisi access takes a back seat to a lot of other priorities/issues.

We don’t really put timeframes on Sisi fixes, sorry

@CCP_Goliath How about multiple disconections and crash servers on 3000+ fights?

I don’t really follow what you’re asking? I assume you’re referring to UALX-3 but what’s the question? (Also remember this is the test server feedback forum)

The known issues from the original post should be fixed now, as far as I can tell.

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