Mass Test on Singularity: Thursday, February 27th, 2020


We are planning a mass test on Singularity on Thursday, February 27th, at 17:00 UTC (= EVE time)!

What exactly is being tested?

Frigate Escape Bay

The Frigate Escape Bay is a special bay capable of holding a single, fitted Frigate that will be added to all Battleships. Should the Battleship be destroyed, instead of being ejected in your capsule and left helpless, you will launch immediately back into combat aboard your Frigate!

In this test we will stress test, that it performs as expected in fleet fight conditions.

How to connect to Singularity for this test:

  • Change the server from Tranquility to Singularity in the bottom right corner of the launcher and log in as normal.
  • More detailed instructions are available here.

Test steps:
Please join the channels MassTesting (for instructions), MassQuestions (for feedback)

Preparation before the test:

  • Make sure that audio is enabled (restart the client if it was fully disabled)
  • Prepare several ships for the fight:
  • i. Fit a T1 Battleship/Black Ops/Marauder
  • ii. Fit a T1 Frigate/Assault Frigate/Ewar Frigate/Logistics Frigate
  • iii. Place the Frigate in the battleships Escape Bay.
  • Join a fleet

Test itself:

  1. Meet in FD-MLJ at structure xxx, all in battleships
  2. Warp to the beacon “Mass Test Fight”
  3. Wait for the Go signal.
  4. PvP brawl (please reship if you lose both ships)
  5. Reship if needed
  6. Get killed by CCP (boson or smartbomb)

What else should I know?

  • Use the command /moveme to be moved to the start system xxx
  • 2M Skill points will be awarded on Singularity for this mass test
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we should have battleship bay for our capital ships aswell.,your titan died? you eject into battleship,battleship dies? you are in frigate now,frigate dies? you are now in shuttle,then capsule at end of this chain.

also we cannot roll wormholes both TQ/sisi afterburner/microwarpdrive is not applying the mass while jumping wormhole,it was intended or mistake? its now bit harder to find content.

they should add mother ships you can undock from :wink:


I’ll be there!

What a goofily fun feature. It’s one of those things where you go “why has no one thought of this before.”

Because it’s genius.


Btw, when is the next Sisi Mirror going to be?

2 million skill points that cannot be used. I stopped going to the test server as I wanted. Because I went in 20 times and it was closed all the time! What is the point if it is open only when the ССP is needed? In addition, my pilot was recreated there more than once. What is the point in 2 million rewards if they are cut again in a month or two? Let’s reward something on a permanent server, on the main one. And you will have many testers.

The question is off topic. What do you think, you can persuade to change the red dot to yellow or green … It’s just that in many games the red dot is a sight. And the appearing red dots excite me very much, like a bull … I want to shoot someone immediately, but I’m at the station! It breaks off very much … Otherwise, the point is very convenient, I’m almost used to it.

never intended for ratting . good deal they did. use piloting and a good fit against trigs. titan ratting should have never become a thing.

I haven’t heard and only really thought to ask now. Marauders being t2 battleships, are they also getting the escape Bay?

All Battleships

Are you going to upload a mirror of current data? If I started to play EVE two weeks ago I won’t be able to participate T_T

I can’t log in Singularity.

I hope you also mirror a new batch of users to test this on SiSi. I have been waiting over a month to be able to test things like the other older players are able to.

Asuming it wil be used most in big fights in nullsec space
It will be more usefull to fit a inty in that bay, so u can get out of a bubble if you ar in a big fleet.
With loads of bubbles u cant escape with frigates!

what is the point of participating, as the one guy said earlier, we cant even log into singularity, or any of the test servers unless ccp is running some sort of “mass test” if perhaps we could log into the test servers to test ship builds on current events without the risk of losing them permanently, something like this might actually be worth while. but until the test servers get unlocked for general use, this is all just pointless

“come test our new feature” “we’ll give you 2m Skill points” yea that we’ll never be able to do anything about…

2M skillpoint reward is not sufficient. not worth to participte in mass tests anymore. for 2m skillpoints u cant go to capital ships if you just have fresh low-sp account on sisi

Yup I just logged in and its like I have my skillset as of December some time and cant use a battleship so this a Test only for seasoned Ever’s

Followed Usagi post below and that is correct Thank you

type /copyskills

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As of 50 minutes before the “Mass Test”, can not log on to sisi. Have not been able to log on to sisi for months.

CCP. - If you want people to give up their time and volunteer to test a new feature, at least let everyone be able to use the ships you want testing! I would also echo other statements above, switching this on for a test, when it has been off for a very long time, seems a bit rich.

edit: 10 past the hour - no sisi. About par for the course.

I think to attract more new players to join the test and old ones aswell you guys should make worth while. Reward us 2 million or less skill points on Tranquility servers for taking out the time and putting in the effort.

This sucks, first the DDoS attack, now Singularity wont accept my login. Why do I even buy Omega time is a mystery to me. UUGGHH. CCP: you guys need to get your acts together.

Thank you for participating in this mass test! 2M skill points have been added to 202 characters on Singularity.

For those, who were unable to login: Unfortunately the DB of Singularity is only updated every few months with new accounts and the last time was in December. I hope that we can update it in time for the next mass test (but there are no plans for either yet).

only 202 was there for the mass test ?
Lets hope all is going to work with the frigate bay !