Mass Test on Singularity: Thursday, February 27th, 2020

Your singularity server is useless! My account is 40 days old now and l still cannot log on the test server because the data base is too old (2018 December).
So people that need the most the test server (new accounts) are not allowed on it!
Don’t be surprise if almost all new alpha and omega account give up the game after a while.
As l said, l’m 40 days old and bought my first battleship, but the cost of the ship + fitting is incredible high for a new account, so as i made a bad choice, l don’t have a second chance!
If i could test on Singularity first, to manage the fit and test it, that would be realy great…but no! Not allowed…thanks ccp.
l will leave the game anyhow when my omega time is down, because i bought a Praxis and a bad fit that doesn’t do what i expected, and no more ISK to lose to test the stupid fitting in real server!

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dear jola poisse… before you buy ANY shi… you can simulate the fit first,dont need buy ship+modules,simulation mode allow u to choose what one works best for u and singularity is not needed in this cas

singularity is already old mirror of database but april,may we get new mirror

Hi Guys
when do you intend to payout the 2mill skill points for the server test that I attended
My Char was Stan1975 and I logged in around 7pm on test day as I had trouble getting in beforehand
I lost some BS and some frigs as requested, while taking part, but so far have not seen the payout. Have I been missed off or something?

Thanks guys

Chris Bates

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