CONCORD Battleship - Marshal

I love the CONCORD ships, and knowing about the new Marshal model, I just want to throw money at the screen right now.

The News appeared, but unfortunately for me, nothing about the shiny new battleship model, or any information if it would be distributed to players some day, so I proceeded to ask if the ship would release like the Pacifier or the Enforcer, either on some event or implemented in Project Discovery or something.

Now, turns out that there Was information about it, I must have missed it because I joined the forums only recently and I hardly check anything related to Fanfests and all the cool parties you all have, mainly because I myself am not a party person, as well as that even if I wanted to go to one I got stuff to do when the events come by. Kudos to @CCP_Phantom for providing me the information.

The solution to get the ship as fast as possible would be to do as that page tells and just buy the tickets, from Both Fanfest and Vegas, however, Fanfest is already over, so there goes one ticket, and the Vegas ticket is somewhat vague since on the Vegas page it has several types of tickets, from which the majority is already sold out and you got the cheapest option for a night stand, 67 euro ticket, and the most expensive forFull event Full price, 188 euros. Browsing the FAQ on the Vegas page didn’t provide the information I wanted, unless it is the said “EvE In-game item” under the full ticket.

Like I said, I am not a party person, but I sure as hell would not mind contributing and invest in the company if there was, lets say, a Virtual ticket, and be able to just watch it happen live, kinda like how Blizzard does with BlizzCon, buy the ticket, watch events live, get rewarded with a murloc. Yeah yeah I know, both totally different things, or maybe not that much since that, according to at least the Vegas page, there will be all sorts of interesting stuff that maybe people at home would like to glance at, like demos, online matches, etc.

So, in short I am just asking to provide me (and others that are interested) some info about the ship, give me hope, and I’ll be a happy boy, because I want to fly that ship and pretend that I am a space police guy and shoot down rats in L4 missions.

Thank you for your time o7

It would likely be cheaper for you to buy PLEX and sell it to just buy a concord battleship on the market in-game when they go up for sale. But thats guess work, as I’m estimating how overpriced they will be.

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I am predicting about 2bill since the Enforcer is still 1bill and pacifier 300mill, yeah they are quite expensive, and I guess the main reason for that is that there is currently no way of making them. I would like to see CONCORD ships one day being something you make out of BPCs that you buy with Loyalty Points and even get their page on the Ship tree. That would certainly give me more motivation to fly a Pacifier for exploring in dangerous areas and the Enforcer for pve or even some pvp. I mean, if CONCORD lets us have them without the shiny super weapons, why not let us produce them if we work hard for them?

A debatable motive could be that the CONCORD ships have a trait that increases the amount of armour/shield boosted by 50% with max security status, which is equivalent to a bit more of two rigs for that effect. Well, so far both Pacifier and Enforcer have No access to drones, which is a dps loss right there, and the weapon traits are nothing to write home about compared to other ships and they are a jack of all trades when it comes to resistances, they got a bit in everything like 33% or something but do not have a particularly strong resistance either, so in my eyes they are fine and actually give a motive for people that want to fly them to “be a model citizen” in order to benefit from said bonus to repairs.

Like… A Project Discovery reward?

I would like to say Yes, but once they are gone, they are gone, only one BPC, that is what I meant by saying no way of making them, and once Project Discovery is gone in God-knows-how-long so goes the reward of getting the ships, if these ships were flying around at a cheap cost they would all blow up and the only ones remaining would be some on the market at a high cost for how bloody rare they suddenly are or the ones sitting in station cause people are too afraid of using a ship that costs a hefty amount on the market. You could argue that one can get many BPCs from Project Discovery, and believe me, I would definitely become attached with the guy that spends his time grinding to lvl 200 PD on multiple characters to farm as many BPCs as possible for the sake of increasing the amount of ships available, but there has to be a better way to get these ships than sitting and grinding PD with 99% accuracy.

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