!Idea: Week long campaign/conquer space tournament

Ye gods, I just had an idea. Please tell me how much it sucks.

I’m watching this years fanfest PVP finals and I thought CCP could do more with the game when it comes to multiplayer tournaments.

I conceived a game mode I’m curious to share with you.

-Imagine a week/2 weeks game where 5-10-15 players per team get transported to a new secluded area of space where they have to mine and build to conquer and hold the most area of space!

You’d get sucked into a cloning station on arrival there, what else?

Like a isolated FW campaign maybe?

If you’re interested in it, do you have some ideas for the game mode?

If you get Exploded do you get to choose what T1 frigate you start with?
All the minerals and materials needed for T2 production should be there spread around in 100 systems? Building time for ships and structures could be sped up?

It would be very cool to see a resume of how a campaign went. Then we’d get the gameplay EVE offers with cooperative play without being a FC in a big war for 6 months.

I think any kind of competitive match that lasts more than 6-8 continuous hours runs into serious issues of accomodating the real lives and health of the contestants.

The concept of an EVE competition that’s more than just a single skirmish in an arena grid sounds really cool though. Maybe something that’s more the equivalent of planetside than counter-strike, for comparison.

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This reminds me of the original Star Trek TV episode where Kirk is put onto a planet against a Gorn reptilian opponent. All the things necessary for him to survive were there.

Right! But Hey, there can be a Bench!
-You can give your spot to someone
. Is that problem solved? On to the next problem?
(: Has a nice day

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