New Tournaments In EVE

I had an idea that would add tournaments into EVE besides the AT, that would also open up EVE to E sports and give the game some poblicity.

So CCP should add 3 new systems to the game that aren’t connected to any other systems. Each system would have its own type of event ( 1v1, 5v5, 10v10) and would connect through tournament filaments. All ships but capitals can use the filaments. The filaments would be sold by concord.

Inside the systems, CCP, NPC’s, and players could setup tournaments with their own set of rules that the runner makes up and set their own prizes. There would be CCP owned keepstars in each system, but other structures cannot be placed. There would be arenas that are 100km in diameter that the runner would have to rent out for the tournament.

Tell me what you think!

Yes and we can name the expansion Eve of Legends, or maybe League of Eve…Ins? How about we get this fking game back on track and stop trying to make it every other fking game…

What’s stopping you from doing this right now? CCP doesn’t need to organize a tournament for you they have given you all the resources to do this by your self.

I like the tournaments we already have. Especially the one where you fly a poorly tanked freighter loaded with billions of ISK in cargo and try to make it to your destination. The prize, for either side, is the cargo…

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You can do it anywhere at a safe in eve. Or anywhere on the sisi server.

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