Proposal Improved Duel / Tournament feature

Inspired by the Abyss Duel room:

Create a tournament room, not cheatable by the participants, defined rules and allowed items, possibility for prize. This goes beyond the duel invite which is does not have incentives and was/is easy to abuse, e.g. spamming etc. Most have disabled it.

How could this look like?

A capsuleer can create a duell / tournament setup by dialog, where he can check the following options:

  • Ships classes (frigs, cruiser etc … allowed)
  • T1 / T2 / Faction / Complex allowed/not allowed
  • Implants allowed/not allowed
  • Drugs allowed/not allowed
  • can set a prize which is basically a entry fee
  • name a player or entity which is allowed to interact
    Imagine this is an item then, it could be a like a filament or mobile depot. However, it is dropped in space by the originator.

Any other combatant may interact with it to enter the arena. By doing this he has to pay his share of the prize as entry fee as determined by the originator.

The rest is as already given. Time limit, time stress factors, limited arena.

This also create a new opportunity for direct one-to-one or larger number tournaments.

And now all hail to the isk-sink-god: CCP gets an overhead of 10% or similar of the entry fee. That should make it :slight_smile:

Finally: Two men go in, one men leaves. Finally, all the “pick a ship and come to the sun”-smacktalk can now become a real option. :slight_smile:

Or… Just do it using the existing features?
People ran tournaments before the duel feature existed even.

Why we should have those “wheels”? It works very well with the sled.

Nope. Cheating is part of EVE, any system that replaces player honor and reputation with game-enforced fairness is not acceptable.

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