Eve Online Duels -- Prizes Awarded!

Ever since CCP implemented duels it’s been an underutilized mechanic. Not a great many reasons exist to duel someone, there’s virtually no incentive other than bragging rights, and fairness generally could not be ensured.

WELCOME TO THE GAUNTLET — 1v1 style of dueling with fairness baked in.


Duels will be limited to the class and tech you sign up for — You will only match against other players of the same size ship and the same tech level.

This encompasses classics such as:
Cruiser v Cruiser
Battleship V Battleship
Frig V Frig
Along with the ever so fabulous T2 class duels.

You may ONLY participate in a duel using the class and tech you agreed to play in
That means if you join the T1 frigate class, you may only bring a T1 frigate, not a Faction frig, and not a T2 frig.
Obviously a ship of a different size than what you signed up for would not be allowed under these rules.

Fittings will not be limited!
You can fit any modules you choose! Any pod you like! Any Way, Any Tier!

Obviously cheating such as receiving boosts from other players will be disallowed — You will be in a fleet with a sanctioned D-D-D-DUEL officer to ensure this.

INCENTIVES you ask? Maybe you’re asking yourself “why should I do this?”
Winner gets the loot from the other ship. ISK Rewards! You get an ISK reward and/or a faction (including abyssal) item from myself.
I will be tracking wins and of players who participate. In addition to the prizes award to the duelists at the end of a duel, prizes will also be given out to top winners of each class every week and monthly depending on class.

Matches will take place within a few jumps from jita and players will be notified of when their duel is scheduled. Close to jita so people can get ships//fittings easy. But a few jumps away so we don’t have hundreds of players intruding game play. Combat will take place in a empty pocket of space. Warp in at different distances for the match are allowed for a fair fight.

Disclaimer: CCP does not allow gambling. there is NO buy in and NO participation fee.
This is Funded and awarded by myself with additional funding by other sponsors as they join.

Discord Channel

Current Duel - 100m prize
Sign up. Play. Win

Great initiative! If this becomes a succes i’ll be glad to sponsor some prices!

I’ll be the first player. I’ll allow the opponent to pick ship class

im down

Great! Which class do you want to use. He did say opponents choice

ill take ft2 frigs and t1 curisers :stuck_out_tongue:

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