Returning Player

General accessible events:

  • Drag Racing:

this pits players vs players in a race across space system at sub-warp speed. Spectators are allowed to risk ISK on the outcome and may participate in tournaments.

  • One Click PVP:

2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 2v2v2, etc etc, Frigates/Cruisers/BC, etc. Players need only bring themselves, no purchasing of modules or ships required. Each capusleer has a ranking that goes up or down based on wins/losses for each class of ship category. Players are sorted into leagues. Each individual capsuleer may offer any amount of ISK into a pot that is distributed to betting participants only, or simply play for free and earn small rewards. Opposing team player names are Anonymized to reduce collusion and griefing. Players may enter with any other persons, or at random, and are not prohibited from fighting with or against other corp members. Entrants may be charged ISK.

Skill points are all temporarily equalized between between both teams so that neither team has an advantage, leaving only enough skills necessary to operate the ships and modules themselves. Some class ships may be randomized/selected to offer strategic depth of play, at the teams choosing. This could include weapon type. Ship weapon and ship class match preferences can be changed at any time but not guaranteed.

Capsuleers are allowed to multi-que, with the most complex team matches giving the biggest rewards. This means a player can que for both 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4v4, etc simultaneously. Alpha accounts would be prevented in joining the more complex matchups, or from placing bids on the outcome of their team. A score screen would appear after every match, allowing both teams to upvote the player they think performed the best, with an automatic or manual rematch option, or the option to move onto the next team.

Based on how quickly or slowly some matches may end, a timer can be used and a ‘best of 5, 7, 10’ etc could be used.

Well that is one way to kill the economy of EVE. Why not… CCP already sucker punched it and just because my Wyvern got thirsty for water.

Not sure what these notions are meant to achieve, other than to turn portions of EVE into horse-racing and pit fights.

Pretty sure “virtual” gambling is subject to all sorts of laws and limitations under various jurisdictions.

Try submitting some more ideas when you’ve been back long enough to remember what EVE is actually about. Hint: it’s not about the virtual casinos you’ve been frequenting.

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Feels like another side minigame if we wanted a ton of minigames that don’t connect with the main story CCP is working on with the four empires. We already have the abyssal proving grounds.

Star Trek Online is a great example of “many activities within a game that don’t connect to each other at all.”

At least CCP is connecting pochven with the current shadow war between the empires by requiring players to go get resources from that place. I would be… disappointed if this game turned into something like an amusement park. I don’t see it yet and I think CCP knows to stay away from that… Mabye…

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Welcome Returning player!

Just to be sure, you have returned to EvE online, not a MOBA.

One click PVP already exists.
Find player - Shoot them.

–EvE Welcoming Committee Chair, Gadget


Umm, this game has basically become a scripted theme park with CCP setting up all the shots. It’s no longer a player driven universe. Maybe you don’t remember but for a long time all CCP did was create and implement various content for us players to use as we wanted, that was what made this game great, player log-in numbers steadily grew during that time. Then CCP decided, especially within the past half dozen years or so, to force the playerbase to perform and do things a certain way which in turn has caused the player log-in numbers to steadily decrease.


Why did you return to EVE when what you want is clearly a game that is its polar opposite?


Jetcan soccer should be a played competition.

We (capsuleers) are not more powerful than the empires. The empires can do what they want and when they want it. We are definitely a consideration for the four empires, but we are not the only consideration. I am all for story driven updates as CCP crafts this story between the four empires. Some argue it’s scripted beforehand some argue it’s not. I can accept that.

Even the biggest NS corps can’t overpower the smallest navy (Cadari State). Capsuleers are small minority compared to the billions of souls on planets who work for the military and serve the navy. I play EVE with this always in mind.

CCP gives us a story and we shape it how we want.

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so the criticisms here have been pretty weak and easily addressed.

the question people should be asking: will people use and enjoy these features?

i spoke to someone who has been in the game for 10 years which is 10 times longer than me and he agreed with me 100%.

lets try to understand the problems the community is facing before passing judgement.

Proceeds to not address any of the criticisms.

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You appear to be one of those folks who has an idea, assumes it’s both relevant and brilliant, and proceeds to ignore anything that contradicts that.

“I know a guy who agrees with me” is literally the weakest comeback you could possibly make.

I’m not sure what part of “setting up official betting rings with in-game currency equivalent to cash currency is strictly regulated in many jurisdictions” seems “weak” to you, and you certainly didn’t address it in any way, shape or form.

Since you’ve apparently “just returned” to the game, it’s unlikely you’re aware of the problems “the community” is facing. Just in case you’re having trouble with the concept - you and the guy who agrees with you don’t make up “the community”.

Suggestions and ideas are nice to have, but you also need to be able to relate them to an actual in-game need.

A lack of venues to gamble ISK on isn’t one of the primary issues facing EVE. Nor is the lack of “spectator sports” since CCP’s every attempt to make an e-sport of EVE has failed miserably. EVE space travel or combat simply does not make for interesting viewing to the vast majority of people.

Perhaps you should play a bit more, and talk to more than one person, and then come back with some actual notions as to what tens or hundreds of thousands of players have issues with regarding EVE and CCP.


Up for a great debate on what I said or others. :smiley:

Is there anything wrong with what I said? Go out on a limb here and say none of us want EVE to turn into Star Trek Online amusement park.


OP you can run your own gambling den with other like minded capsuleers and set up the rules of the race. Drop some cans on grid and have people have to go to them in a specific order grabbing 1 item from the can.

Just takes a little elbow grease and charisma. You can be the Rally organizer.

No need to wait on CCP, you can be The Savior of New Eden.


Whoa buddy, that sounds a lot like work. The OP came here to complain, not work.


Actually its the strongest because they have way more time on this game than I do.

, it’s unlikely you’re aware of the problems “the community” is facing.

or maybe the problems are just so obvious?

glad I could give you something to think about.

A lack of venues to gamble ISK

I have no clue what you are basing this criticism on. None of your replies make any sense to me.

Ive never even played that game I can just tell you why people in this game are constantly struggling with it. The only reason im here is a friend wanted to play believe me I would still be gone forever if not for that fact alone and not regretting it one bit. Show some appreciation. When my Omega time is up im going to delete everything.

Why not become the Rally Race Mogul?

If you do leave, be sure to give your stuff to a random newb.

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ah ok… your one of those guys.

Got it.

I mean lets not care about the economies loss and destruction churn, lets magically spawn ships ignoring the fact that the economy lives on the loss of ships and items and then by default make the reason for gathering and owning resources to build these ships modules pointless.

Because now we can get our PVP from magically spawned ships to shoot at each other and not risk anything.


You never told us in your post.

Alright, that’s fair, literally that is how games work… Friends play with each other/introduce them to games they think are cool. Video games can do great things in bringing together unique people who come from all walks of life.

CCP is literally giving out free skill points to celebrate YOU the player that makes EVE Online possible! Literally plastered behind this forum website, in game, and on social media. Literally, they are going to etch every eligible omega character onto a rock to show that YOU (the player) are appreciated.

Again, I don’t want EVE to turn into a “MMO amusement park.” Meaning where there are a ton of things to do but have little to no connection to each other.

CCP has made it absolutely clear that they want corporations fighting/working with each other. They want even more group battles. That sentence is worthy of its own debate.

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