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lo Koval is offering the best possible advice.

@Tashi_Neruu you seem to believe in your ideas. Occasionally I see “brag” youtube videos of people with ships that can travel at ridiculous speeds. There is some interest in this. Why not invest time in this and see if you can set up a sanctioned drag race and make a profit off it. Worst case scenario you spend a bunch or time on something, and it does not catch on, but hey, EvE is really just a fun waste of time anyways.

Personally I don’t see a huge outcry for drag racing, or new fighting arenas that players can bet on, but I also like dark beer and don’t like to watch ball sports, so maybe my opinion is not the majority one.

Prove all your doubters wrong and get out there and do it!

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This sentence makes no sense to me. If you hate it so much that you are going to delete it after your Omega expires, what aren’t you deleting in NOW? Why would you keep playing something you hate? The money is spent, just walk away.

Sunk cost fallacy?

I have a feeling that is what most people are experiencing atm. Bought a whole bunch of omega time, likely have a ton of assets they worked very hard to obtain and now they dislike the game but put too much effort into it to truly leave EVE… So, in the end some people are just bitter players I guess…

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So do we…

–Methuselah Gadget

Cool. Let me translate that into realspeak.


–Gadget says No.

more like : “give me attention, I want my cookie otherwise I’ll pout!” like a 12 year old emo.

Good, if you refuse to understand what the game is about then you should go.

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