Good Systems For Duels

(Wicked Hexe) #1

Morning Guys, not sure if i’m in Exactly the right place but…

I’m new to PvP and after getting ganked over and over (i have no friends) i stumbled upon Dodixe, which is really fun system with lots of people looking for 1 v 1 duels and an okayish market for ship fitting,

Wondering if you knew any others better or worse?


(Tipa Riot) #2

Started my PvP with duels in Dodixie too … if it still works I would say stick to it until you feel comfortable to move on to fleet/solo PvP.

EDIT: most duel requests are baits to trick you into a rigged fight, so check the killboard of the opponent first. But at the time I started in 2013 there were some legit people around.

(Wicked Hexe) #3

still are, just wondered if there were any busier or cheaper systems but nevermind
maybe I’ll see you around,


(Liafcipe9000) #4

why, it’s Hek, of course!

(Ba'al Drakma-Tarr) #5

See you later (y)

(Ba'al Drakma-Tarr) #6

Hey I had a good time in Hek last night, fights dried up a little early though so I thought I’d give this a little bump.

(system) #7

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