1V1 duel

So one of my corp mates and me have agreed to a 1v1 duel. He seems rather confident in his ability to beat me (and he’s probably right because I have very little pvp experience), and has thus agreed to let me set the rules for this duel, as long as they are fair for both

I can fly pretty much any caldari subcapital ship with maxed out ship and missile skills (next to no gunnery skills though). So my question is which caldari ship do you think holds it’s own best in a 1v1 duel against any counterpart and any fitting advice would be much appreciated.

Then a 2nd question. His favourite ship seems to be the deimos, so is there any ship that could stand up in a 1v1 duel with that ship. This can be any subcapital ship really.

Thanks in advance for any advice

The Cerb or Onyx would probably be the only two I can think would work.

thanks for the reply. Is that to fight the deimos or just as the best caldari 1v1 ships? I was thinking maybe some assault frigs could do allright in a 1v1 fight but as I said I have to little experience to actually say something smart

To fight the Deimos.

No Assault Frigate will have the DPS necessary to break a Deimos’ tank. They’re generally cap stable with double reps. On top of that, getting Scrammed and Webbed by a Deimos means you’re going to die to the high dps of Blasters.

ok thx. I wouldnt necesarily be fighting his deimos though. I can set the rules of the duel to assault frigs for example. It’s just that he was bragging about his deimos before so if I can beat him in a duel in that it would be the ultimate victory. But I already assumed that this would be a hard thing for me to achieve

Can you have a proxy player?

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yeah I guess so

Tell him to 1v1 with a frigate, then come in a cruiser and kill him and say: “eve isn’t fair”.

If you want a fair fight then try 1v1 with the same ship and the same fit and no overheat. Something simple that doesn’t require strategy such as a gun only ship with passive tank only, use Amarr ships so he can’t range control you to let you waste your ammo. See him. lock him on sight and attack him. Maybe this one should work:

Spam the lock button, spam the shoot button, spam the approach button, spam the scram and web, hope you get more wrecking shots than he does.

[Magnate, Magnate fit]

Damage Control II
Type-D Restrained Reinforced Bulkheads
Type-D Restrained Reinforced Bulkheads
Type-D Restrained Reinforced Bulkheads

1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
Initiated Compact Warp Scrambler

Small Focused Pulse Laser I, Multifrequency S
[Empty High slot]
Small Focused Pulse Laser I, Multifrequency S

Small Ancillary Current Router I
Small Transverse Bulkhead I
Small Transverse Bulkhead I

I would probably choose t1 destroyers and try to snipe him with a Corax. Or, depending on your skills, you might try to go with t1 cruisers and neut/tracking disrupt him - but the ship choices available to you aren’t great, since you are missile and Caldari focused.

maybe a curse or an ashimu and neut him dry.

funny is a cheap triple damp maulus to get a draw.

Try kestrel. This is solid tank and scramkite/brawler frig. It can fight any t1 frig. It is caldari and missle. Also it has only 3 buttons. Go foer and catch.

thanks. Will probably do this. I especially like the I only need 3 buttons for my retared ass here :smiley:


Assuming it’s a cruiser battle (which is kind of a pricey bet by the way), and he’s gonna rock a deimos, and you fly caldari… Don’t.

Insist on frigates! =)

Maybe keep it at the T1 navy frig leve, no faction modules, T2 weapons and ammo, MWD’s only, and single rep fits.

Rigs - tank only

No ewar drones.

That’ll give you a chance to kite, or brawl either way.

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