Eyes On: Caldari T1 Frigates

Another quick guide for PvP, this time showcasing the Tech 1 Caldari line. Hopefully you can learn a bit about what to expect when flying and facing these little gray frigates. I have tried to keep it concise, as a quick reference guide, so you won’t see 47 pages about a certain frigate.

As always, updates will be regular, and this is a work in progress, but I will try to respond promptly to any helpful feedback. Hope you enjoy!

For the State!


If this was about PVP it would be a venture which is best frigate for Player vs Pyroxeres today.

I think the spodbrain is getting to ya, mate.

Don’t worry, I’ll cover the yellow snappy boi eVentureally.

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Here is a guide I wrote some years ago that’s more General in nature.

Perhaps it helps, perhaps not.

It certainly isn’t the worst thing I ever posted on these forums.

Good luck finding fights!


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As one Mo to another Mo, thank you! It’s a good mechanics breakdown that would be solid further reading for a learning player. Mine is more a quick, light toned overview people can read while playing hooky on the toilet at work. Quick guide or in depth, both have their place.

Edit: autocorrupt hates me

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