Duels, even the dictionary says 1 v 1. I don't understand CCP

Now before I go on this journey, I will not:

A. name the cowardly punk who “pussed” out and brought a remote repping alt to the duel
in Rens.
B. Did not lose my ship, as I noss’d him enough to kill his systems and was able to warp away.
C. will keep this rant to a low volume since him or I didn’t really lost jack but a couple of drones

now when typing for the “definition of duel” in google this is what comes up:

noun: duel; plural noun: duels
a contest with deadly weapons arranged between two people in order to settle a point of honor.

CCP it seems to me that ever since I have played your wonderful(not sarcastic) game, you continuously put more and more stuff in the game where on the surface looks like you want honor and integrity put back into PVP and such. but after pulling back the layers more and more, it would just seem that these mechanics you put into your game becomes a “swindaler’s dream”

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While you are digging in the dictionary you should look up what you type.

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After dragging this issue through the help channel in game for 20 minutes, you decided to continue in here…
Well, at least in here is the right place. Don’t let the windmill knock you off your mount during your upcoming quest for establishing fairness and honor in EVE. Best of luck.


yea I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact duel is not that in the case of eve.

and really 20 min? lol

as for Don quotie(there ya go Iidrara did I spell it right :D) just because you don’t see the wind doesn’t mean it can’t hurt you.

13 years in this game you never realized eve players cheat and scam you must close local any time you go to jita …

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Disable the duel function in settings, there is no honor or fairness in Eve.
If you think there is, you’ve already lost.

Bring homies and blast his logi next time.
Don’t be a puss yourself.

I thought remote assistance on a dueled player caused that remoter to incure suspect status…

gots to have friends in order to bring friends.

it prolly does, I wasn’t worring about him, I was dealing with the blaster fitted mega. I am just wonderin why its allowed in the first place, but hey leson learned.

I have no idea where you are getting this, but thanx for the reply?

yep, your words ring true. . . Sad but true.

Then make some friends. EVE is an MMO.


Wait you haven’t taken the time to learn mechanics in the last 6 years… Haven’t made a friend in game in 13 and for some reason haven’t worked out there is no fair in eve… But you were able to work out how to and where to post this… I smell a troll tbh


I really don’t see the problem here? Because the mechanic as it is allows perfectly well for what you describe as “honourable duel”.

It however does not magically insulate you or your enemy from the rest of EVE, because why should it do that? It also does not force your enemy to be “honourable” if he does not want to.

If you want to do a “honourable duel” then maybe find someone you trust first and inform yourself how the game mechanics around that work.


I would like to point out there are a few players, myself included, who like to fly their logi ships, occasionally, and 3rd party in on other player’s fights.

There have been a lot of neutral alt repper comments lately, in various threads, discussing player’s who use an alt to rep them during a fight.

I want to point out it is not always the opposition’s alts.

Sometimes, it’s someone like me, just out flying around, looking to busybody. :slight_smile:

Last year, I flew around as Sinq Laison Fire and Rescue, and “joined in” on a number of occasions. It’s fun. You see a fight, maybe someone says something in local, and you make a snap decision on who to support, and you rep them.

You can be the hero(ine) and the villain(ess) all in one encounter. A genuine chaos agent, and I am very glad the game allows for this.


That doesn’t make him a “puss”, but your statement makes you look like a loser. In real life, if he had won, you would be dead, without the opportunity to call him a “puss”. Kudos, though, for beating him even with a repper. Still, if he had won you would have whined like a little girl.

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This part made me laugh. : D

EVE is a lot like real life in these regards, and real life is not the fantasy world you live in.

Here’s a thought for you OP. Can you have real honour and integrity if such things are forced by the game mechanics? Those things have to be earned by actions, and if you have no choice but to respect the sanctity of a duel by divine game mechanics, can it be said that you are truly honourable? After all, there isn’t anything else you could do - you know, free will and all that.

I think duels are fine as @Ima_Wreckyou said. They do allow two honourable combatants to turn off their CONCORD protection and settle their differences on the field of battle. What they don’t do is create a magical bubble outside the game universe where you are immune to the actions of the other players. I mean, in a game where anyone can intrude on your game experience and explode you at anytime, how could it be any other way?

Someone can crash your duel, or your opponent can be dishonourable. That’s life in the sandbox. If you absolutely must have a private, 1v1, take it to the test server.


If you have been paying attention you will have noticed that the Abysmal dungeon system probably also covers 80% of the work on implementing an arena system. Honorable 1v1 or 5v5 coming to EVE soon™.

EVE is a game played by people. People are a**holes. See where you went wrong expecting ‘honor’ in this?

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Reddit would be all over this.
In a negative way, though, as they should be.

The one thing I like about our reddit community …
… is that they drown out all the carebears …
… which is why they are here instead.

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If someone bring neutral reps, still only two people are using deadly weapons, so they still conform to the dictionary definition.

Also, historically, it wasn’t uncommon for duelists to bring friends (if possible with medical training) along to patch up their wounds afterwards in case they get non-fatally shot or stabbed.