New Eden needs 1v1 pvp

Seriously many pilots would jump at something like true 1v1 pvp style and I also wish to give solo pvp a try…

You know who I am referring this thread towards as fresh pvp pilots like myself need a good old solid beating one verse one style… OKay?

Please fix New Eden to offer one vs one pvp so pilots can enjoy the learning process. Cause this sort of pvp gang bang style others nothing other than shooting fish in a barrel.

Could there be a system that offers one verses one?

Anyhow here is how events went down.

Clip removed, as solution below has been explained*Edit
Thank you

short clip, pvp at the end was made to prove a point that something needs to be fixed if they really meant what they were talking about on the latest ccp live stream.


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As advised in another thread: in hi-sec there is fairly good chance to participate in 1v1 duels and it is as safe from third-party tampering as possible since the neutral logis made to get concorded if they interfer with a duel.

I myself try creating a new initiative regarding this in the form of a duels channel and also a public brawl event (and also participating in duels myself every now and then). To avoid self promotion and spamming I do not link the thread, you can look up my threads if you click my name and check my profile.

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I would be interested in something like what you are creating and might look in on your channel.

Many thanks.

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Ha ha, man unlucky! Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Perhaps next time use d-scan to see if anything nearby (planet/plex) is clear of hostiles where you can warp to and give yourself a moment to plan your next move. Or go into the system with a fast/cloaky ship and make yourself a few safe spots.

Faction warfare sites are still good for solo PvPers. You’ll get to know that there are some hot spots that are more dangerous for solo PvPers (like Tama). And the accel gates in fw allow you to control what you face as well as give you warning of whats coming so you get to decide whether to engage or not.

It’s not perfect but it shouldn’t be. The sandbox should come first.

Keep persisting mate.


EvE already provides players all the tools that they need to establish 1V1 PvP. Years ago, the denizens of the Crime and Punishment section, who in theory are supposed to be the least trustworthy lot in New Eden, set up a series of thoroughly entertaining 1V1 grudgematches using nothing but the forums, the honor system, and a little common sense.

-1, not necessary. If you want 1v1 PvP, find a community who wants the same and go do it.


that’s a fair enough reply thank you

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Even though I have yet to participate in any 1v1 PvP, I’m getting comfortable enough with the game (and built up enough ISK) that I’m willing to start trying it out. Hell, I talked to a guy last night in null who was looking for a fight, and might have even given him one if my Vexor hadn’t been A: fit for PvE, and B: the only cruiser I had for nearly thirty jumps in any direction. As it stands, I’ll probably go asking for a duel over there when I log on this weekend.

However, even if the both of us go into the fight honorably and don’t pull any tricks, that’s not something that we can guarantee will happen every time. Also, since it’s nullsec there is always the risk of some douchebags just looking to ruin our fun or legit pirates seeing easy prey dropping in and killing the both of us while we duel.

This, to me, is a problem in need of a solution, and I’ve got some ideas on how to fix it. I’m under no illusions that I’m the first person to propose ideas like this, but I can at least do my best to contribute to the community in a constructive manner.

First, set up a simulator option with limits for players to test out ships and fits against rats or other players. It would only allow basic subcapital hulls and T1 modules, with no navy, pirate, or any meta but civilian tech available to fit. This would give new players a general idea of what to expect if they take a ship out against certain rats or another player without letting them get a taste of too much power; if they want to see how their expensive meta/faction/storyline/deadspace/officer module fares in combat then they’re going to have to risk getting it blown up.

Next - and I’m not sure how much work this or the next idea would be or if they’re even feasible, so if a dev wants to chime in please do so - set up arenas in certain lowsec systems where players can go to find secure 1v1 matches and small fleet brawls with any subcapital ships they own. Each side would be able to see what ships the other is bringing and maybe what they’ve been fit with, so as to avoid completely one-sided fights (or not, if that’s just how you roll) and “battles” where neither side can possibly hurt the other, like a frigate vs. battleship match where the one side can’t hit their opponent and the other side can’t hurt their opponent.

Finally, there would be thunderdomes. These would be the nullsec areas where players who want to get fights where capital and supercapital ships can participate, but with no guarantee that their opponents would bring anything they could take. Once the fight started it would be impossible to leave the grid until one side was victorious, so that would lower the need for things like interdictors and warp disruptors to prevent your enemy escaping.

In both the arenas and thunderdomes there would be public records of who fought whom and what each side was flying, so if one side is filled with sore losers who drop fifty capitals into the fight when it looks like they’re going to lose, everyone would know about it. Naturally, it would be up to players and corporations/alliances they’re a part of to keep each other (relatively) honest and spread the word about groups that exhibit poor sportsmanship. There might even be ways to officially punish groups who consistently break the spirit of the fights, possibly by siccing the Triglavians on them if CCP decides to use Trig-organized provings as the lore explanation for thunderdomes.

Naturally, there will also be players who record or stream their fights, but that’s a limited view from a single perspective that watchers would have no control over. CCP could possibly add another source of revenue by implementing a way for other players to watch these fights from their own “omniscient” POV without any UI clutter, and anyone who wants to watch/re-watch fights in this manner would be able to pay a small fee via cash or PLEX to subscribe to this service for a period of time.

I’m quite aware there are probably dozens of ways to game this system or certain parts of it that a naive little newbro like myself hasn’t thought of, and I welcome anyone who would take the time and effort to explain what they are. I would be even more grateful if that person explained how these exploits might be countered. I’m willing to take constructive criticism about my ideas, because even if I’m naive and uninformed about the game in comparison to veterans I still like EvE and want to help improve it in any way I can, no matter how small my contribution might be.


That’s just not the point of EVE and the balance measures they would have to take, like the Tragedy Nerf of ECM, would just mess up the game.

-1 EVE disaster

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The other day even before creating this thread, I guess this is the type of 1v1 you are referring to below in the clip but I was hoping to open discussions on a possible matching system where pilots are ranked etc and so it would be a really good 1v1 experience for new players entering New Eden.

I did a pvp match verse one of the very top ranks here in this video and even though I would have zero chance it was slightly interrupted near the end.

I was just seeing if there are others who would be keen to talk about such system where we decide who we will 1v1 then both and only both pilots can enter the gate. Keeping the current pvp but giving access to a pocket of space like they have Abyss. Perhaps the two pilots need to be in a fleet together to enter then they fight once they are inside a so call pvp abyss?

That involves initiative and effort…

I get the impression that some would rather that the devs did it for them.

Well maybe I am too eager to find out what were they referring towards in their live stream the other night.

Nowt wrong with being eager, if you’re interested in things like organised match ups post a thunderdome thread in crime and punishment, while the denizens are a bunch of untrustworthy buggers they will generally honour matches organised in that manner.

We’ve even seen the ISD teams fight each other in a thunderdome series based on C&P rules.

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You know what, there is actually designed 1 on 1 PVP
Have you ever heard of Abyss PVP?

Basically, you can activate a abyss filament (lvl 3 or higher) with you pvp fit, survive the 3 levels of the abyss and then enter the PVP room.
This is a cruiser only, 1 on 1 PVP that does not end until one dies (or both die due to timer)

You know what happen?
It turned out to be a paper rock scissors game and with the introduction of the new ikitursa it ends up utterly unbalanced.

Not a good idea.

Think I will further explain why this did not work.
When the thing was first introduced, I already know it cannot work because:

  1. In eve the active tank of a ship is usually much much higher than the DPS output.

This is simply because when you put ISK on the ship modules, the benefit on active tank is just much higher than that of DPS. The worst case is that both ship just perma tank each other and ends with a double kill.

  1. So how to solve this?
    a. Add a debuff on tank, which they did
    b. rely on players to counter perma tanked ships, which player did

The option B resulted in 2 different approaches, you either:
-Have great amount of neuts to counter active tank, which means using Curse with bling fit
-Give up DPS, Use cheap Passive fit that can just tank the other ship, hope to make it a double kill (or negotiated loss, for example the other side covers your fit + some extra ISK to keep his own bling fit)

  1. Now we move on to “how to counter this counter fit”
    -Use maximized cheap DPS fit to head shot bling Curse. This is kind of a risky move but usually a shield tanked Vigilant theoretically could take down a quite expensive Curse.
    -The passive fit also just tank the curse well

So we end up with a paper rock scissors game which is boring as hell:
Pure DPS counters neuting and passive fit, but won’t break the best active tank fit
Best active tank fit might not be able to kill the passive fit and can lose to the neut
Passive and neut fit are easy lose to the MAX DPS fit if done correctly

Surely this is not 100% correct, but “knowing you have a high chance of losing right from the beginning” is not such a great experience, and have to put some bling fit to win make it even less attractive.

  1. Why Ikitursa breaks the flow
    Simple: it is a HAC that can actively tank a lot, with great Capacitor to counter “not so blinged” Curse, and a extremely high DPS potential.
    So it CAN fit all three types of playstyle if done correctly with bling fit. Not many ship can counter it.
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Yeah, the more complaints I read the more I get the feeling that several of EvE’s problems are the players’ own fault.

Thanks for the input. While I think that Abyssal PvP was a bad idea made with the best of intentions, it isn’t like what I’m proposing. There’s no time limit that automatically kills both ships at the end, and I think having a log of fights accepted/rejected/won/lost for every competitor would go a long way toward letting the players help regulate it by making it obvious who’s willing to get in fights and take their lumps and who’s too much of a pansy to accept an actual challenge.

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Okay good luck with that…
I was replying to OP not you, so let me spend some time looking at your proposal then.

Good point, and that is what singularity test server is for. You can get basically everything with 100isk per item. Get a friend to test with you if you need. (or dual boxing)
However that does not give player any general ideas about any ship. As you yourself stated you had not participated in 1v1 PVP, this seems exactly someone who has no experience would say.
Sometimes, how fancy a ship was fitted will significantly change the capability of the ship. An Orthrus with T2 scram will only reach 16.2 KM overheat, while with Sansha Scram it can stop a inti at 20.2 km. This is a huge difference in terms of protecting himself. Not to mention the power of High-grade implant sets, which could increase the speed of a ship as much as 24.74%. Also, they are not only about performance, but also fitting. With reduced fitting on faction module, you can fit some specific fits that T2 modules will not work on that fit.
On top of that, different fittings would also change the ship playstyle a lot.
Don’t get me wrong, I agree IF you wish to have a 1v1 system, limitation is a must have. And I also agree that simulator option is nice. However these two does not need to be together. It won’t help learning stuff. For now, test server singularity should fulfill your need.

The interesting thing is, on 1v1 side I do not feel the difference between this proposal and the abyssal pvp. You also talked about the possibility of “just accept what you rolled”. In fact, in terms of 1 on 1 fight, there is usually not much “50/50” match up unless it is a mirror setup. Taking risk is one thing, fight an unfightable opponent is another. In real situations people might make mistake when they do not know the fitting of their opponents, but with the fitting exposed, the result is 90% predictable.
Next, the small fleet brawls. Just look into how CCP changed the rules for alliance tournament each year, tying to make the match more balanced and nerf the logistics. It is a hard work and they still did not find a good rule. It involves points per ship, total pilot brought, ship types and fitting regulation with implant regulations. Just trust me that is a pain in the ass.

Nono don’t touch that, eve is a sandbox, if they wish to get fight, they will need to setup themselves, especially in Null-sec where there should be the least of regulation, and players should take the responsibility of initiating PVP. That is something no one would agree.

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You would have to ask the original developers that question. In any case if you want 1v1 PvP try…

Oh wait, even the WoW Clones are not dumb enough to balance 1v1 PvP.

Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate you taking the time to explain yourself and will think about what you’ve told me. It feels nice to have positive discussion.:relaxed:

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