1v1 Outposts

Seems there are quite a few people looking for some 1v1 action. I think an idea would be to have an Outposts where only two ships could enter the gate - forcing the 1v1.

Maybe keep it similar to the FW ones, where you have novice where only frigates enter etc.


some merit in thought there, although i think perhaps these should be centralised… and streamed for all to see … and place bets on :stuck_out_tongue:


As much as I don’t like forced instanced PVP but, it would absurd not to believe that capsule pilots would not have some sort of arena type games in the lore of EVE. Where people could bet on.

But would you as player then not just do that and remove even more people from areas? That already is lacking people.

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Well the PvP wouldn’t be forced, you would have to still jump into the post on your own accord. Same as jumping it to a plex. Its your choice.

As a new player interested in PvP, I’ve been struggling to find some 1v1 action to practice my piloting. Plex’s seem to be the best place to try at the moment. But thats either an un-fitted ship waiting there that immediately warps away. Or its bait tackle-- just to hold you till another 5 corp mates warp in.

I fully understand that’s part of Eve. But from what I’ve been reading about the PvP mechanics in Eve; even frigate 1v1s are complex and fun topic that leaves alot to be explored. I’m sure it would encourage more pilots to get out there and test their piloting skills, without fair of being blobbed and losing your hard earned ship for little gain or learning experience.

The whole betting thing is interesting; but I think that could be something that could be added on afterwards. If you want to bet throw your ship in to the 1v1 and bet your ship on your piloting skills :stuck_out_tongue:

Way back when we tried this in RvB. A lot of us liked soloing and at times even in RvB finding a non-fleet fight was difficult.

We tried solo systems, we tried solo book marks and a host of other types of events and such to foster this.

They would work for a while then interested would die out and it would go back to just what you have now; lots of hunting around and getting blobbed.

The key, many of us found, is to modify your tactics and work out ways and fits that allow you to manage the solo fight better.

Just my 2 cents on the topic.

I’d be OK with Arena matches. Make it profitable for the winner, and a new career is born: gladiators. I quite like the sound of it, too.

I think a 1v1 arena tournament idea could work well, but only if relegated to high-sec station hubs. I wouldn’t want low-sec or null-sec infested with it.

How do you stop me from jump cloning into high sec to take part ? And why wouldn’t people be allowed ? Some people can put a billion into a frigate… Others will spend 20 mil. But it often becomes a rock paper scissors contest anyway.

Also what would the parameters of the fight ? Do you need to have them tackled or is a fight to the death all the time? because those are two very different scenarios and two very different fits.

And lets be clear. Im all down for a gladiator arena as a profession :smiley:
Not sure how the spectate mechanics would work without a separate special instance which gets broadcast to station billboards maybe.


If you’re a casual PVPer, finding a solo fight is absolute a$$. It might take 1-2 hours to find a fight during the Asian timezone. You can load up any other PVP game and go through half a dozen matches within that time.

Some of you need to better understand the game you’re playing. This isn’t League of Legends Battle Arena. It’s supposed to be a sandbox MMO where you create your own story, and that’s what it used to be until CCP ■■■■■■ it up and sold it. In high-sec, I could see something like this being a not-so terrible idea. But in low, or even null? It’s supposed to be like the wild west out there. Are you telling me all of these badass pvp alliances can’t come up with their own Thunderdome somewhere?

You basically want Eve to hold your hand and bring you good “fair” fights. Which is why I said that this kind of thing belongs in high-sec with the rest of the carebears.

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That already exists, in Abyssal space

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