Frigate arenas (abyssal or otherwise)

One great way to get PvE-only players to be more comfortable\familiar with PvP might be to introduce PvP frigate arenas into abyssal deadspace, or somewhere otherwise. I think the current 1v1 arenas in abyssals are great except for the fact that players need to bring cruisers which are quite expensive. A frigate would be a much cheaper investment and still can provide a ton of fun while also allowing for conflict-averse players to familiarize themselves with PvP


I agree. But prepare for whiners saying arena pvp is bad for the game.


Unfortunately history of the game shows us that the first half or that quote is incompatible with the second half.

Being conflict-averse is what stops those players from getting involved in any sort of pew based pvp. It’s not that there isn’t 1v1 pvp available. They don’t like conflict fullstop.

So while I applaud your attempt, I don’t think adding arenas will get the outcome you are thinking of. It will provide an additional avenue for pvp, for pvpers.


you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

False. It is possible to bling frigates just as much as a cruiser to the point that hull price does not matter.

These already exist and are called Novice FW beacons.


The main problem with having 1v1 Arena’s is it’s a fair fight.



fixed it for you.


Is RedvBlue still a thing?


Or you could learn to play EVE before posting and use the small FW sites instead. Small ships only, no T3s.

Why? They don’t want to PvP.

There are 5.5 billion people on this planet, there are plenty of PvPers to support a game like EVE without forcing people to PvP.

Forcing PvE people to PvP is a fools errand and has been ever since UO got destroyed by Trammel and they tried to “fix” their mistakes with lures like Power Scrolls.

If they add more PvP arenas in eve that draws players away from the rest of PvP in eve. If they do add this then it should make any player leaving a PvP arena suspect


I think the line between pve and pvp need to fade. The simple fact that a properly fit cruiser can steamroll an entire pirate fleet is kind of absurd. Pve needs to implement some kind of horde feature that encourages knowing your limits while also giving incentive to fleet up to continue the fight for a increased potential for a solid deadspace drop. If the spawns were randomly determined by the amount of people in a fleet this could make for some epic content


While I like the idea, the problem is in this game is if the PvE is to hard and doesn’t give great rewards it won’t be done.


Imagine a frigate fleet of 10 protecting a salvage battlecruiser for an hour. Deadspace loot doesnt inherently create value. A 20m isk fleet shouldnt be able to make billions but if it is engaging and profitable it wont be overlooked by those who seek to work together just for the hell of it


Arenas, the Abyss and all instances all have a fundamental conflict with the sandbox which is the introduction of resources/wealth into the sandbox.

If you allow instances to introduce resources your economy is eventually, inevitably, screwed. This has been shown time and time again by the failure of other sandbox games.

On the other hand if there is no loot only a tiny percentage of people will do that so the is no point.

So for “designers” either:
Design instances (PvP or PvE) with no loot or include in your design a discussion of the impact on the economy and how to offset that.

I agree to a certain extent. The economy of the game needs less emphasis when it comes to content creation. Imagine if the triglavian collective called for the utter annihilation of the remnants of the jovian empire where players could decide which faction to fight for. New jovian ships could be introduced ( frigate/cruiser class ) as well as some kind of clusterwide loyalty point system offering exclusive triglavian/jovian mods ( possibly adding a secondary means to aquire mutaplasmids or some other type of ancient technologies ) this conflict would have to encompass the entire universe to ensure as much engagement as possible. The lore of this game is epic and it should have a greater impact on the development process. Add cut scenes to gameplay scenarios!!!


Saved for posterity.

Currency is a tool not an objective. At the end of the day I went way off topic, if some people want arenas why not have them. Maybe trade hubs with tournament style buyins could be a thing

There’s effectively already arena style PVP in the game.

Duals by definition involve only 2 people and now have wagering ISK involved in them. There have always been ways that players have worked to gain advantage (eg. neutral reps - which will completely disappear shortly, bait and switch ships), but there is nothing that stops people using the dual mechanism for arena style pvp.

The limitation of that is in finding opponents. The same will likely be true of any additional arenas added to the game, because unless you already have someone to fight, who’s going to want to sit in an arena for too long just hoping someone else comes along? That wouldn’t be all that engaging. May as well go sit in faction warfare sites, with the limitation that you have a good chance of engaging a scout, only to be blobbed by eve-uni a fleet.

The alternative is to provide an area that anyone can join, from anywhere, which was also introduced last November, through the Triglavian Proving Conduits that are only accessible from the solo abyssal sites. They provide a timer to obtain loot, but someone else can also contest for that, in 1v1 arena pvp.

It’s for Cruisers only at this point (unless it’s been extended already and I missed that), which might not suit everyone, but it’s arena pvp, 1v1, and involves random opponents that can come together without having to first arrange a fight.

I don’t know how popular the Cladistic Cache sites are in encouraging pvp from a pve activity, but if anything, extending those to frigate pvp, from the current frigate co-op deadspaces would seem a likely step.


For people who actually want to PvP you can find PvP in EVE.

The problem is people only want to find battles they can win :slight_smile:

And that is a people problem no code or queue can overcome.

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