[pvp arena] 1v1 or 5v5 abyssal sites. two get in. one get out

_Some threads on this topic exist, but the following ideas has nothing to do with arranged fights or different servers. _
This is a link to another popular thread on the topic of arenated pvp: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/create-pvp-arena/

Now that abyssal sites are thoroughly tested, its time for arena pvevp.
EDIT: clarification: pve in these sites is near totaly safe. If adding the following pvp ingredient there is a plus in interaction and destruction.
EDIT clarification: i want you to PVP in your PVE ship. Or fit it, that it can do both. There nearly no content in eve, that supports having to balance these extremes.

When activate the item thingy, you get paired with another one that just activated the site anywhere in new Eden.
The dungeon consists of 3 rooms. (similar to what we already have)
The first two rooms are solo to get some commitment going.
The gate to last room lead to the same room for both players.
however, the outgate can only be activated, when only one player is alive.
If time is up before that, both players die. obviously.

For this, a simple matchmaking and ranking system can run silently in the background. But it might be better, if it would not rank. There are already 5 levels of risk, choose your destiny!

All of this can be expanded to 5v5, where the fleetleader can activate a tokenthingy if fleetsize is exactly 5. All in Fleet then have some time to accept. They will enter with their subcap. Restriction to being on grid with activator should be nice.
Now, whatever team team is alive last, can escape.

There you have an arena that is straight forward, easy to understand and gameable enough to make EVE proud.

ps.: did i mention that there might be enough time to loot.

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Now… how fast can I get a T1 frigate to go without investing any real isk?

Gate in > Keep out of range > /lol when we both die

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Just like all the other arena threads.

EVE is the arena.



/lol. a T1 frigate would not be able to complete the first two rooms.
But there is still the problem of just surviving the first and not progress to second/third at all.
Therfor patch: If one is in third, while the other is still in first, the gate is activateable and the second gate will just be blocked.

There are SOOOO many games based on arena style combat, go play one.

EVE is not and should not be an arena game. CCP’s implementation of gank when they leave the run is the appropriate type of game play, try the gank yourself or bring 100 friends…this is EVE!!!

Wait… so… you want me to PVE in my PVP ship?

Edit, because I don’t think I conveyed how utterly stupid that is. PVE boats use active tanks for a reason - the rats are always able to apply damage (unless you expect everyone to be doing PVP with oversized ABs that is).

So now we’ve got to PVP in an active tanked boat, in order to ensure we don’t enter a fight in the last room with half or more of our buffer gone.

If you ever have done soloPVP or watched the allianceTournament, you would know, that pvp will be done with active tanks as well. to great effect.
pve and pvp are not that different. major difference however is, that pve is nearly safe. that part would change.

to answer your question: “i would like you to PVP in your PVE ship.”
Less solo play please!

Yes, but that’s a choice they’ve made. You’re making it for them with this ■■■■■■■■ idea. You’re forcing active fits with your mandatory PVE.

As for your “less solo play”… how the ■■■■ are you supposed to do that in 1v1? Bring your friends to help you into the last room, and then cuck them when you go do the fun part at the end?

its still a choice that they will have made. a meaningful one.

i meant 1v1 isnt solo. its interaction with another.

haha and im totaly not stealing from albion btw.

No it isn’t. You can choose to have a functional and ready active fit when you go into the last room, or you can choose to go into a fight with a mangled up buffer. That’s a false choice, because there’s really only one intelligent choice to make. It’d be like me saying “well you can choose if I punch you in the face, or not. It’s a meaningful choice”. Are you really going to choose to get punched in the face? Of course not.

Cool. So… how does that help me get my buffer pvp ship through your PVE instance?

This content is NOT mandatory. you can choose to not take part in it. you can choose to underperform. … you can choose to try another type of fit. But in the end, there will be optimal fits.
Also there are instances, where pve is done in buffered ships.

Example: The level4 missions where you kill an officer-frigate. You pick a particular ship with a special fit to perform optimally. If you deviate, you wont get as much isk per hour. The existance of this shows us, that you can bring unoptimally fitted ships, but still perform.

A buffer does not perform better in all pvp scenarios. They are normaly just used, if logi is around or enemy damage is too high for repping. The purpose is to survive as long as possible, but you wont survive over a particular time. Also, buffered in 1v1 is less skill-intensive. So your argument is flawed there.

In my described feature of abyssal arenas, my hope is a balance, so that there isnt THE perfect fit.

About punching: I can freely choose to get punched. Because then i can retalliate and have fun with you. Acting in selfdefence is great! (this is just one example)

You know what, I’ve said my bit. It’s an asinine idea. I’ve provided my reasoning, and at this point it’s just annoying. You can continue backing up an asinine idea with further asinine logic all you like. It’s still asinine.

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Find some non-asinic arguments to prove its asinicity. Then we can continue.

How would you know?
Besides, the reason for abyssal dead space is (upon others) content for employed people without time. Something like that stated in devblog.
There are people, that fit in the category: want to pvp, have money, have no time, want to fight in spaceships, want to do that in EVE.

No. They once thought years ago about making a “dojo” that would be instances PvP. They did not go through with it for a reason.

It would not be like a dojo. There are differences, so their decision might not apply to OP.

i.e. Its investing in a 50/50 bet. There are assets involved.
On winning: loot+spoils
on loosing: all gone
But ofc it has nothing to do with gathering intel. which is integral part of this game.

Its a hard decision, i wouldnt want to make it without getting paid for it. ha!

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