Hello world

It’s cool to be here.

Let’s kill spaceships together.


I’ll kill spaceships with you :heart:


Add me ingame and we’ll have a Condor skirmish :smiley:

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While honoroable 1v1s are a great thing, this should be in general discussion :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, right :). I wasn’t sure. You’re welcome to move it over if you prefer.

1v1 with friend-ships


Championship is the only ship worth flying. :shipitparrot:

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I will be the one to rep you :heart_exclamation:

It already moved over :stuck_out_tongue:

Condor skirmish sounds like a winner!

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I’ll actually try to organise something like this soon. I think it would be pretty fun :). Of course, people will probably just roll in and blap us but hey.

I’m in BRAVE, so if you’re near that space it would be more convenient.

I do like killing spaceships…

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Surprising how far Eve has come when looking at the old videos.

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Moving this on over to the feedback forum, since it’s full of testing and and random stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

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hehe I’m on a new forum

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I like that shield next to your names =}. May I have one? @CCP_Guard @CCP_Falcon


Spaceships always kill me. :confused:

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