Player-driven ARENAS [New Feature]

CCP please develop a feature that allows us to Organize Combats and Challenges… " Arenas "…

Allowing us to select the number of combatants, limitation of ships, limitation of weaponry, limitation of implants, total ship price, etc…

Where we can determine the date and place and time of the combat?
As well as determining prizes or bets in ISK or Itens…

An important part is to allow anyone to watch the combat, without being able to interfere…


I want dungeons

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That particular idea was suggested so many times, that

  1. Wrong forums section.
  2. No, because it will remove PvP from the rest of the universe (not my opinion, here I just copy most popular answer in my own very detail “add arena thing” suggestion, published 2 years ago).
  3. Use FW PLEXes if you want match maker.
  4. Something about aliance tournament something.

Yeah all of that ^.

EvE is a sandbox, so if you want your own private arena you have to take it and make it private by force. If you want rules on what people are allowed to fit you have to impose the rules yourself, not ask CCP to force them for you.

This is already a feature, it is called a “conversation” and you can use one or even several at once to organize anything you want, assuming you have to power to make it happen between you all.


Ive been thinking the same recently’ especially for players that have limited time.

A) It will be very difficult to regulate for “fair” fights.
B) It will likely reduce world PvP in the rest of the game.

I think it would be a great idea but unfortunately most of the elitist PVPers and gankers don’t want fair fights. They would never enter into an event where they are evenly matched and actually have a chance at losing something of value.


This is arguable.

Id see it rather as real PvP pros finding the arena setting dissatisfying and artificial compared to finding their targets (or being found) in world PvP. Although if its well “balanced”, and they have limited time, they might participate in it.

From what I gather, once one gets really good at PvP, what makes a fight good and fun to them is certainly not wtfpwning an incapable opponent, nor even winning. Some will kill it anyways to pad killboard, but most will just move on after checking the target isnt bait.

Its the looking for a fight, and the fight itself they enjoy. Not whether they win or lose.

Furthermore, all elite PvPers I have witnessed, pride themselves on flying without bling, except occasionally for the lols or to add some flavor to their fit. Once you get really good, the challenge is in accomplishing as much as possible with as little as possible, not flying around in an officer fit ship.

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If good ol’ ccp hadn’t stopped even read-only access to the old forums, OP could have done a search and found the many times that same subject has been addressed. gj ccp

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Never happens.

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There are several quite successful channels dedicated to organized solo fights. Interestingly you’ll see many of EvE’s underworld in them acting perfectly respectfully. It is YOUR mistake to assume fair fights aren’t wanted purely because you have not happened upon any on the random.

The idea behind this thread is already a thing, just it’s organized by players not CCP. That’s what you do in a sandbox. It’s laziness to ask CCP to do it for you at the expense of the sandbox.

I would say that if their time is so limited they cannot check a few chat channels and ask for fights, they aren’t going to have time to navigate an Arena UI to get matched for fights either. This is not a time saver, it is a cop out of the sandbox that is EvE and another step toward WoW in Space. It opens up the option to ONLY play arena mode, which opens up all kinds of horrible possibilities such as (but not limited to) increased playerbase with less pilots in space (bad), killmails / killboards becoming even more of a thing (bad) and worst of all an increase in the kind of player that thinks arena play is a good thing in a sandbox (incredibly bad).


I agree with those and other drawbacks you pointed out.
I specifically included them in the rest of my post.

But lets be real, an Arena UI would be faster (if populated) than searching for a fight In EVE or flying across space to engage with a player found in a chat channel.

My primary concern with an Arena system, would be that it would reduce world PvP, thus making EVE safer, by proxy.

However in the interest of maintaining interest of PvP centric players, there is validity to atleast considering something like this.

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CCP already has the basic code for this. The legendary CCP Vertitas made a project called dojos before he left. Sadly, CCP never continued it.

It would be much faster, plus players couldnt do ■■■■ like bring 5 friends to a solo fight once the opponent is tackled or use T2 modules when only T1 are allowed.

The fights would be fair and that is the problem. Most EVE PvPers dont want fair fights. They want 5vs1 ganks with 0 risk of losing their ship.

In tournaments they have rules. For small player made tournaments can be rules made by players. That brings us to the “world is your arena”. :wink:

Before you said “elite”, now you went to “most”.

In either case, the purpose of arena system would obviously be reasonably matched players/teams by some mechanism.

Ive played numerous MMOs where in the absence of an Arena system, they met up somewhere to amicably PvP. But in those games, it was far faster to reach the player based arena area, whereas in EVE its potentially a veeery long slog (unless the participants are so committed to make jump clones).

I think this could potentially create a significant niche in EVE, just for gud fights or epeen, regardless of reward.

My only concern is it might reduce world PvP, but I suppose someone attracted to an arena system probably isnt happy with world PvP to begin with, atleast entirely.

Its fact that most PvPers are elite. Mom says so.

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I don’t think dumbing down a PvP sandbox to offer call of duty style deathmatches is in the interest of PvP centric players in a game like EvE.

Isn’t there already an option called Dueling where you can now even put wagers on? And people can “watch” these without interfering?..

Can’t agree with this suggestion. This isn’t an “Arena” type MMO, yet has PLENTY of PvP. Corps already make many of their own tournaments, even in the Event section of the forums.

You can find plenty of 1v1 PvP around.