Player-driven ARENAS [New Feature]

I liked !!!

I would be every Saturday on one of the moons of Urlen.
With a frigate fleet of five friends. Waiting for challengers - betting isk.

I believe it would be a good option of pvp in high sec.
Especially for those who have little or no experience in pvp.

I honestly do not believe it would make the EVE universe safer.
I believe it would encourage players to try pvp and many will get hooked on the challenge of blowing up other players.


this is a good idea.

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Most of the responses to this idea are complete and utter horse crap. Those responses aren’t the real reason why this isn’t a good idea to develop. The real reason is because it would be a pretty big dev investment for a system that will basically never get used.


  • to make this work, you’d have to implement a new gate restriction system.
  • you’d have to touch crimewatch, with is generally regarded as dev-expensive
  • obviously you have UI that would need to be developed
  • You’d have to put these at static locations so people would be able to find a fight, which means in-space beacons and the associated art assets

Obstacles to adoption

  • the fact that these would have to be at static locations to get ANY adoption also means that most of the time they’ll be empty
  • most people who want to PVP are already doing it.
  • the people who want to duel can already do that, and the systems to do so already work
  • there isn’t any incentive to this kind of PVP, beyond gambling. Any system adding incentive would be impossible to be both worthwhile and not easily abused.

So yeah, good idea, but wrong game.

No instances. The whole point of eve is the full time sandbox.

They’re pushing it with resource wars.


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I agree, here’s an idea. What do you think?

The idea is a consistent, tournament style system of group matches.

Not random chaos PvP

Not free for all anything goes roaming brawls.

Tension building, easy to watch, easy to enter and something to do with friends.

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No it isn’t.

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Why not?

Because this is eve online.

Arena = disco at the entrance = you die before getting in.

If instanced dungeons see the light of the day, carebears will see the light of the disco.

And it won’t just be disco, actually. There will be bumpers and instalocking tornados and fleets of catalysts, blowing you to pieces. you won’t get to enjoy this. ever.

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What tension? Without the threat of other players interfering there is no tension. If you have friends you can already do your own dueling 1v1 at the sun. It’s easy to watch and easy to enter.

No. arenas killed WoW p v p and would kill eve p v p if you want arenas to fight in safety arrange it in a secure WH …

it’s tension for those who have no idea about the hardships and challenges Life can offer. They have no idea.

Sisi. Problem solved with tools already available, also please search topics, this gets raised so often the recycling bin needs a revolving door.

maybe it’s possible to extend the duel function to fleets. if every one agrees open fire. then let the sandbox do the rest

I also want an arena system.

Fleet up and queue from station. Your team is allocated so many points to fit and the queue script can check your fleet for compliance.

Fight at the AT locations with the same ruleset.

Fleet duels would be handy but the difficulty is getting them to work.

Ha, that’s not going to happen.

Probably true. But I still want it.

Ill never be in the AT. Something lesser would be nice.

Reminds me Tron: Legacy.

Do we really need that?