PvP battlegrounds feature suggestion

Here is my suggestion concerning adding organized regular battle grounds into Eve Online:

Duplicating it here just in case.

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People will probably hate this idea even though everyone loves AT, which is bizarre to me.

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A tournament once a year with unique prizes is ok. It’s like the Olympics, if we did it everyday no one would care

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Not everyone loves the AT. I find it to be ■■■■■■■■ contrived fake PvP, totally against the spirit of EVE. The only thing that makes it acceptable is that it is extremely limited in scope & only happens once a year.

Fake PvP arenas have no place in this game.

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Yeah this totally goes against the spirit of what EVE is. EVE isn’t your normal MMO RPG game.

Some limited 1v1 is already here, a lot more of that will surely follow. It likely isn’t the first priority, but I believe it is inevitable.

A lot of stuff had no place in this game until it did.

Please don’t make duplicate posts. The original was posted in the correct location, no need to make posts in other sections to link it.

Thank you! :slight_smile: