Tournaments and help on TQ

Please forgive my poor grammar and formatting, I was pewing when I wrote this.
After attending a few tournaments this year and in years past I am wondering why we don’t have a few simple tools on TQ to facilitate them.

Specifically, a mechanism that will capture the game state of both contestants/teams at the start and end of a match. This would allow organizers to quickly check for rule violations.

I am suggesting a TQ available option, that may have to be activated by the organizer someway (like “bought” from NES or redeemed using a GM provided code that deactivates after a specified time) that generates dueling tokens. These tokens would be 1 use (?) and would be sent ingame to each contestant. Either contestant could then “Invite to Duel” the 2nd contestant BUT would enter in (in some field revealed by checkbox or dropdown) the token. As soon as the 2nd contestant accepts the duel, the game state of both contestants’ ships and pods would be saved and evemailed to the organizer, and a 2nd email as soon as one of the contestants generate a loss/killmail. Obviously, there are some issues with this format regarding fights larger than 1v1 and maybe a feature should be inside a fleet window that would set squad 1 vs squad 2 with the same before/after ship/pod fits mails generated to the organizer.

This “should” be fairly easy to write and would get the biggest feature that tournament organizers need which is fitting/implant/drug state during fights.

This, also, doesn’t remove the Eve-ness from the tournament, as people could still be ganked/meta’d/RR’d as the fights still happen on TQ, but those issues can be creatively addressed by the organizers.

In addition, this mechanic would be in the main branch and not in the dusty unkept fork that is TD.


I totally agree with that CCPLS make it easier to produce own content ingame ITS A SANDBOX !

Basic answer of any tournament related question is, the long and short of it is that CCP wants an esports community without providing any upper management effort into creating or enabling one, in regards to both tools and GM time… sorry, but it’s all riding on the back on individuals as side projects there

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